“Minimal motorbike weight plus driver can be fairer.”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – At 184cm, Luca Marini is the tallest driver of the 2022 MotoGP season. The Italian still weighs 69 kilograms. Weight has been an issue for tall riders for years. There have been complaints from Scott Redding to Andrea Iannon to Danilo Petrucci.

Luca Marini usually has to look back at the races


Because there comes a point where a tall rider can’t lose more weight if he’s trying to eat healthy. Of course, fitness and strength also need to be built in so you can master the MotoGP bike.

Compared to his Ducati teammates, Marini has a flaw. For comparison, Enea Bastianini has the perfect dimensions for a motorcycle racer with a height of 168 cm and a weight of 64 kg.

“We don’t know why I lose so much, especially when accelerating,” Marini sighs. This accompanies him now in his sophomore year of MotoGP. Switching to the current GP22 didn’t help either, as his comparisons to his fellow brand show.

Luca Marine

The Italian should fold behind a straight present Zoom

“In second, third, and fourth gear,” Marini recalls the area in which he loses during acceleration. “At the end of the straight, it’s not that bad in sixth gear. Ducati is looking at the data and looking for a way to help me.”

“I can’t overtake other drivers like that. I feel like Fabio [Quartararo]”He sees himself in a similar situation to a Yamaha with a weaker engine. You have to manage the situation and not make any mistakes so that the guy behind you doesn’t overtake you.”

Luca Marini demands new rules

Ducati is still considered the most powerful motorbike. Only Marini complains about insufficient power when accelerating. “Yeah, that’s weird. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m taller and heavier.”

That’s why Valentino Rossi’s half-brother suggested changing the rule: “It might be possible to set a minimum weight for a motorbike with a driver. I don’t know if Carmelo [Ezpeleta]who want to do that with FIM or Dorna.”

Luca Marine

Half-brother Valentino Rossi studies the data Zoom

“It would be better for me. I know it was the same for Petrucci. I will find it fairer. We see it in other sports and other classes. It is the case in Moto2. It will be fairer. For me it is difficult to lose more weight.”

In MotoGP, the motorcycle’s minimum weight is set at only 157kg. The situation is different in the two small classes, where the motorcycle and rider (including equipment) are weighed to compensate for the weight disadvantages between riders.

In Moto2, the minimum weight is 217 kg and in Moto3 152 kg. However, lighter riders prefer it because ballast can also be used to improve weight distribution.

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