Sunroof leaking? Here is how one can repair it!

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a Leaking sunroof It can become uncomfortable, as drips or even water flows cause damage to the interior of the vehicle. While you may assume that the rubber seal on the sunroof is defective and needs repair, the seal may be the cause is excluded. Instead, check for blockages in the small holes on the sunroof sealing flanges!

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Option 1: Clean the drain with air

  • First, the sunroof bowl is cleaned in the rubber seal. Captures water penetrating the sunroof. Use a rag to wipe away visible dirt in the seal around the edges of the sunroof. look for it to treat from the roof hatch. These are the small holes usually found in the corners of the sunroof, under the weather strip. Compressed air is now blown through the drain under the sunroof. Drains are designed to direct water ingress through the sunroof, down and out of the vehicle. Drains can become clogged with dirt and therefore require cleaning.

Option 2) Clean the drains with a metal wire

  • Slide a thin metal wire, such as a flexible bicycle brake cable, down the drain. This is great for cleaning sunroof drains because of their ideal diameter and flexibility to find their way through the drain. Use it to clean each drain hole on the underside of the sunroof. Twist the wire first clockwise and then counterclockwise while simultaneously pushing it deeper into the drain. The wire should move through the drain with very little and very little resistance Dirt particles are removed. Try to avoid damaging the drain with metal wire. If you feel great resistance when winding the wire, Don’t press morebut instead please expertTo clean drains. After closing the sunroof, pour water on the glass and check for leaks In the car. If the leaks persist, continue to the next step.

Option 3: Repair the gasket

  • Look for cracks or jagged edges on the sunroof cover. Because of the high and low temperatures they are exposed to, some seals dry out slowly and become brittle over time. Make sure you are in the area around the gasket No water and mildew buildup Available. Sometimes, seals also droop and lose their shape. This leads to the accumulation of water in the aquarium. This can eventually cause holes in the seal. Bring black liquid insulating tape on the seal. A thick layer of liquid electrical tape should be applied and with it everyone Visible signs of wear are covered. Dried masking tape provides a protective, waterproof barrier. Push the tape down along the sealing extension and wait for it to slide down according to the manufacturer’s instructions dried out. Check the interior for additional leaks by closing the sunroof and pouring water over it.

Hand over the car to someone professional service providerIf you still have a problem with the sunroof. Leaks that are not related to drains or seals may also be factory defects. In this case, a new sunroof will have to be installed.

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