Driver’s Day at Grosser Feldberg in Taunus on Might 22, 2022

Driver’s Day at Großer Feldberg in Taunus on May 22, 2022 is meant to be an eventful day for the whole family – and not just for fans of two-wheeled scooters

In January 2022, ten biker organizations from the Rhine-Main region founded the Hochtonus Action Alliance for All. The reason for this was the joint protest against the Hochtaunus District’s announcement that three roads to Großer Feldberg im Taunus would be closed only to two-wheelers on the second weekend of the month from April through and including October 2022.

More than just a demo

On May 22, 2022, the Action Alliance wants to present itself to the public for the first time as part of “Motorcycle Day”. However, the theme of Biker’s Day will not be road closures, but the comprehensive work of the organizations involved.

The first focus is on measures to improve the traffic safety of two-wheeled motorcycles. The regional traffic department of the Hochtaunus police headquarters will be represented by an information platform. The “Off the Gas” campaign launched by the Federal Ministry of Transport and the German Road Safety Board contributes to its “Real Men / Strong Women Don’t Race” video campaign. In addition, MSC Winkelmesser will display excerpts from a driver safety training course for motorized two-wheelers several times a day.

Show the flag as responsible motorcyclists

“We want to make our Cyclists Day an eventful event for the whole family, including visitors who have never had anything to do with two-wheelers before,” said Renald Mohr, Communications Officer at Action Alliance while presenting the program. “We want to show that motorized two-wheelers are responsible road users and ‘people like you and me’.

The event begins at 10:00 a.m. with a prayer on a motorbike, performed by biker Reverend Thorsten Heinrich, and ends at approximately 5:00 p.m. In addition to a few motorcycle dealers displaying their range of products, there will be sales platforms with items not only for bikers. The tenant of Feldberghaus takes care of physical health with his gastronomic offer.

For the duration of the event, the Feldberg Plateau can only be reached from the so-called “ski jump” using two-wheeled motorized wheels. However, there are enough parking spaces within walking distance of the plateau. The final stop for buses to Großer Feldberg will be moved to the bus parking lot in the broadcast tower in Hessischer Rundfunk for the time being.

Action Alliance members hope that the event will be popular not only with motorcyclists, but also with locals and tourists. Because the goal is to break any existing prejudices and promote a prosperous coexistence for all users of the Feldberg area.

Program in detail

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • motorcycle cult
  • Motorcyclist organizations from Action Alliance Hochtaunus for All are ready to speak
  • Motorcycle Safety Training Items (Driving demos, several times a day)
  • Regional Police Traffic Department on “Safe and pasture motorcycling”
  • Presentation of the “Gas emissions” campaign by the German Road Safety Council (DVR)
  • Motorcycle dealers from the Greater Rhine region display their offers
  • Sales stand with articles not only for bikers
  • Food and Drink at Feldberghaus

Text: Alexandre Klose, Hochtaunus Action Alliance for All, Images: Hochtaunus Action Alliance for All

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