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In fact, there are all kinds of situations where the workshop takes responsibility if something goes wrong during the repair. Sometimes business liability insurance covers the damage, for example if the starting engine again irreparably abandons the phantom during a test drive, or the company has to pay if the employee makes a serious mistake: separate liability insurance in the event That the parts of the car have been damaged or destroyed as a result of negligence, which leads to the closure of the workshops at least. “That would be invaluable,” says Michael Rehn of Die Werkstatt Automotive in Hamelin. You can’t really protect yourself.
& nbsp; What I hear now, when it comes to a TÜV setup of my old Audi, the A4, doesn’t sound right to me at all. First, I got the good news that less than 200 euros would be enough to get my stamp of approval, then I got the annoying call that unfortunately I have to pay at least 500 euros because the screw that was set in the accidental steer broke. “There was nothing that could be done,” explains the foreman of the Rinteln car dealership, a man whom I really respect and whom I have entrusted several times with the car. “The A4 has this torsion with wishbone screws.” He used the special tool developed by Audi, but it’s still bad.

I’d like time to think about it. It seems so unfair to me that I have to pay because someone tried to force the screw to loosen it. Is this not a kind of misconduct, the responsibility of the workshop and therefore its work? The friends I ask tell all kinds of tales of nasty billing surprises from their garage, but no one has any good advice. However, a search on the Internet shows that countless pages of car forums are listed if you enter the keywords: “Audi – screw – torn off”. Audi owners in particular seem to know the dreaded screw problem and their tendency to refuse to part.
It is everything”
While some netizens curse or simply write: “Difficult luck, you have to replace the entire wheel bearing housing,” others brag about how to remove the horizontal screw after all, whether it be while treating the patient with lubricating oil, by carefully heating the thread or with gentle hammer blows . I don’t quite understand the details, but I do understand that you obviously know in the auto shop this screw problem and you have to proceed accordingly.

Shouldn’t the foreman at least ask me in advance if I’d like to do the risk repair at all? After all, I toyed with the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bselling the car, which I rarely use, if the costs of the workshop were too high.

“Communication is everything between the workshop and the customer,” says lead mechanic Michael Raine. “You can’t get far without trusting both ways.” Not only does the client have a relationship with their workshop that is somewhat similar to that of a patient and doctor, he also, as the owner of the workshop notices when, the client rarely evades the proper payment of the bill. “It is better to avoid them.”

I definitely don’t want to be that kind of customer. On the other hand, it hurt me an extra 500 euros. So I asked Rinteln attorney Thomas Grell, after all, an attorney who specializes in insurance law, to the point: Does he know of similar auto repair disputes? He says “barely”. At the moment, he can only think of one case in which a workshop of its clients indicated a significant risk, got approval for a repair that did not work, and finally faced the fact that the client did not want to pay. “As is usually the case in car workshops, the parties discussed everything only verbally, and now it is more or less against testimony,” says the lawyer. “If you want to be certain, you must have such agreements, such as disclaimers, confirmed in writing.”
“Sincerely wrong
In my case, he cautiously concluded that I should have been told the dangers of trying to unscrew the risky screw beforehand, rather than hearing from the store when it was just a question of whether or not I had bought expensive parts or alternatively no longer had to remove the Audi drivable from the workshop site in any way. If I want my car back I have to pay the bill only with the reservations, so I can get a partial refund afterwards. “But keep in mind: the car is now in good shape again. Hiring an appraiser also costs money, and litigating over such things wouldn’t be good anyway.”

Andreas Nordmann, who runs a workshop in the Rohrsen district of Hamelin that specializes in vintage cars, laughs when I ask him how he feels about his customers, who are certainly particularly sensitive to collectors’ items. Especially since old car repairs are often not as easy as desired.

“We talk about everything,” he says. “Basically, there are no difficulties.” His customers don’t take their eyes off their cars easily anyway and are always involved in every step of the way. However, there are things that cannot be expected. You have to convey this credibly or honestly admitting mistakes. I won’t benefit if a bad word spreads.”

Lots of info, and I still don’t know what to do when I get my now fully repaired Audi back (there was no way to make it roadable). On the way to the workshop on foot, I talk to myself and practice different versions of the upcoming connections. “Listen, I don’t pay!” Or: “You knew the nail was dangerous, why didn’t you take your time with it?” You are getting rid of my client! “Finally, with a beating heart, I stand before the foreman who has already come towards me.” “Mn, well, I think we should have…” He cut me off at once: “Yes, make a compromise, I have already thought of something. “

It would only cost me for the parts, not the many hours it took to replace the parts. “The screw is integrated into the steel around it,” he explains. “Come, I’ll show you.” He leads me into the workshop to his colleague, who shows me the broken screw and the heavy steering part the rest of the screw is stuck in. “From the outside, look, you can’t tell that the screw is stuck. Then we wanted to eliminate them, but it does not work from the point of view of construction without destroying something.”

This seems reasonable, and besides, I understand that I would have agreed if I had been asked before, and then generally exactly the same thing would have happened. So the credit card is pulled out – cars are handed out only for immediate payment – we shake hands indulgently, and as I park in front of my old Audi I notice how it sparkles and shines. They sent him to the car wash maybe to calm me down. And certainly without putting it on the bill.

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