ADAC may even assist with bike breakdowns sooner or later

For the first time, the new ADAC president, Christian Renick, faces 220 delegates from 18 regional ADAC clubs at a public meeting. Reinicke has been in office for a year. It comes with a big change. In the future, the association not only wants to support drivers, but also cyclists if they have a breakdown and are members of the ADAC.

Roadside assistance for cyclists takes a long time

So far, ADAC has only offered bike downtime service in Berlin-Brandenburg, but from next month, the project will be expanded to the whole of Germany. About 1,700 breakdown workers and 700 mobility partners have been trained so they can also fix the bikes, regardless of whether the frame is broken, the chain or the brakes, press spokeswoman Catherine Van Randenburg promised. Most Important Parts: Bike inner tubes. It is said that 75 percent of malfunctions in Berlin were due to faulty hoses.

As with car breakdowns, the waiting time for help should be less than an hour. However, the pilot project showed something else: the fault assistants took longer to repair a wheel than the car. It’s hard to imagine, but in truth, fixing a bike is often more complicated than a car, says Randenburg. However, one also hopes that it will be faster soon when the Crash Helpers have more practice tinkering with their wheels.

Abu Dhabi Film Commission views the new show with suspicion

The ADFC Cycling Club clearly doesn’t like everything. In a written statement, Federal Director-General Ann Katherine Schneider referred to the bike breakdown service that has been in place for a few years, specifically from workshops, bike shops, and businesses and companies that work with ADFC. According to Schneider, the fact that more and more providers are now copying the ADFC roadside assistance concept is a good sign. Because it shows that the bicycle plays an increasingly important role in the daily commuting of Germans.

The Federal Director adds that there are very clear differences in policy orientation. In her view, the Automobile Club remains primarily committed to the interests of its members who drive. If a protected bike lane were to be established somewhere in Germany on the road, ADAC would resist it, as was the case recently in Leipzig, according to the indictment. The club is currently changing.

ADAC no longer wants to be a car club

In fact, the club should be renamed soon. Because you no longer want to be just a pure car club, but you want to be a mobility association that comprehensively cares about the mobility of its members. Therefore, the regulations will now be changed to include health, safety and home topics.

According to President Christian Renick, ADAC wants to position itself on a larger scale. One wants to make more offers to the members, which one thinks are beneficial. Because the Presidency also knows that most of the members after us are only in ADAC because of roadside assistance. The Yellow Giant – as it is also known – now has over 21 million members (21.23 million). And they want to keep growing, Renick asserts.

ADAC is back in the black

Member growth has not slowed down due to the higher fees introduced in 2020 either. However, the extra income helped bring the club into profits again. Last year there was a surplus of 137 million euros. The profit also came because there were fewer disruptions due to the coronavirus, as driving was reduced and costs were cut, among other things, by cutting 200 jobs.

Commitment expanded in Penzing

ADAC wants to spend the proceeds on more investment, including in the large new test center at the former air base in Penzing. So far, the club has rented only partial areas and is testing driver assistance systems there, among other things. But now that Intel has decided not to consider the site a new production facility and is now going to Magdeburg, the club now has big plans here.

A future mobility center will be established there, with the appropriate infrastructure. This also includes the conversion of the corresponding halls, the Van Randenburg spokeswoman announced. In the long run, one would like to acquire the site in order to work with partners such as universities, research institutes, and startups.

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