Brixton Crossfire 500 XC: driving report, images, knowledge and worth

Austrian Brand, British Look, Chinese Made – The Crossfire 500 XC is an absolutely world class product that should appeal to cyclists who had a nice place to go for last year’s bikes. Especially since it’s surprisingly cheap. Driving report, data and price.

  • Too cute to handle

  • Great value for money

  • A2 driver’s license

With five years of market presence, Austrian motorcycle brand Brixton Motorcycles is no longer a little-known manufacturer under the radar of the motorcycle scene. Especially since Brixton has been in the “full” motorcycle business for some time and is gradually expanding its range.

As the latest addition, the Crossfire 500 XC complements the holster with a scrambler-like roadster with high-end equipment and a stunning appearance, which simultaneously bridges two gaps: visually the gap between classic motorcycle construction and modern design, functionally that between pure asphalt operation and sometimes off-road operation.

Design: classic and modern elements

Classic design: elegant cross wheels, continuous seat and rising muffler © KSR Group

Elegant wheels with crossbars, a continuous seat and a rising muffler are responsible for the classic design. The entire silhouette is modeled after a traditional scrambler. for him current touch X-shaped rims on the fuel tank, a floating license plate over the rear wheel, and an inverted luxury fork ensure just that. Probably the best example of a combination of classic and modern is the round lamp behind a powerful lamp grille with LED lighting elements.

on Straight wide seat From Crossfire you sit in an upright position when holding the wide, conical handlebar. Low-mount footrests provide adequate knee angles for long runs, but given the thinner padding, long runs should be the exception rather than the rule.

The Crossfire 500 XC enables automatic cornering in off-road terrain. On the other hand, thanks to the new spoke wheels with a 19-inch front wheel suitable for off-road use and rough winged tiresOn the other hand, the suspension travel has increased by 15 cm in the front and 13 cm in the rear.

This gives the XC a more sporty personality that works well with others Off-road goodies Consistency: Black rubber pads on the tank sides ensure better grip on the motorcycle when parked, and black crash bars used as standard and a stainless-steel engine protection plate mitigate the consequences of slight off-road negligence.

The historic off-road look is rounded off by the high front fender with small windshield over the headlight, radiator grille with stamped Crossfire-X, indicated starting number plate and stainless steel muffler lift system.

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48 HP engine, top speed 160 km/h

Brixton Crossfire XC 500 . engine
Designed specifically for the A2 driver’s license: in-line two-cylinder engine with a displacement of 486 cc © KSR Group

The two-cylinder compact cylinder with a displacement of 486 cc is specially designed for the A2 driver’s license with a maximum power of 48 hp and a torque of 43 Nm. The push of a button brings life to driving. Once you start, the acoustics change from a powerful and powerful exhaust note to an impressive yet subtle bubbly sound.
Smooth clutch helps with that Not always a smooth-acting six-speed gearbox So that Brixton easily reaches its top speed of 160 km / h.

Brixton Crossfire 500 XC details

Good cornering, good performance

The liquid-cooled engine has been further developed and refined, willingly accepting gas even below 2,000 rpm and pulling cleanly upwards. The Crossfire accelerates precisely, as one would expect from a 48-horsepower motorcycle. advance one Driving pleasure, which is exactly equivalent to larger and more expensive motorcycles. Regardless of the longer suspension distance, the 195kg car swings quickly through corners and always remains firm enough when smoothly changing from one tilt position to another.

KYB spring elements ensure comfort and accuracy, while the deep treading Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR delivers outstanding performance with impressive grip and high neutrality. If desired, you can make adjustments to the fully adjustable inverted fork, and the center spring strut can be adjusted for preload and rebound. fit it Entry-level brakes Slightly less – the four-piston radial calipers on the front wheel as well as the floating calipers at the rear require a lot of manual power with a reluctant first grab. ABS gets something out of it only in special extreme cases.

Brixton Crossfire 500 XC . specifications

Factory information

Engine / gear

liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine, displacement 486 cc, 35 kW (48 hp) at 8500 rpm, maximum torque of 43 Nm at 6750 rpm; Four valves/cylinder, DOHC, balance shaft, fuel injection, six-speed gearbox, chain

Driving performance and consumption

Maximum speed 160km/h, 4.0L/100km

landing gear

US$41mm telescopic fork tubular frame up front (rebound, compression damping and spring preload adjustable), 150mm travel; Double-sided steel swing arm at the rear, center spring strut (preload and adjustable rebound damper), 130mm spring action; Wheels spoke wire tires 110/80-19 (front) and 150/60-17 (rear). 320mm single disc brakes at the front, 240mm single disc brakes at the rear

mass and weight

wheelbase 1416 mm, seat height 839 mm, ready-to-drive weight 195 kg, payload 160 kg; Tank capacity 13.5 liters

assistance systems



6999 EUR

Conclusion: an inexpensive bike

The Crossfire XC requires no electronic gimmicks: it delivers pure motorcycle riding in a very attractive package that is perfectly finished down to the last detail. The state-of-the-art circular LCD instrument displays all important driving information as well as gear engagement. thanks for the Cost effective production In China, the Brixton costs 7,000 euros, and therefore it offers exceptional value for money.

Text: Thilo Kozik / SP-X

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