100 years of BMW manufacturing facility in Munich

The Munich plant’s shift towards electric mobility and the BMW iFactory includes the construction of new assembly logistics halls and a new body shop. The building’s layout is part of an architectural competition. (Photo: BMW Group)

The main factory of a flourishing coexistence of industry and living had begun in the green field: where there were still vast fields north of Munich in 1922, BMW began producing aircraft engines, whose propellers swirled against a striking blue-white sky The brand logo was produced. From 1952 onwards, the path eventually through motorcycle production led to automobile production. Also called new class It was one of the vehicles that originated here, like the legendary Isetta. Munich has always been the production par excellence for the 3rd Series and is now the birthplace of the new i4 electric car, produced by the original equipment manufacturer in line with the 3rd Series. 900 cars are manufactured in this way every day.

Workers at the Munich location can demand a high degree of flexibility. “Our roots are in Munich. This work is the original. and the future at the same timeSays member of the Board of Directors of BMW Production Milan Nedelijkovic. The flagship plant withstood the storms of the time, says BMW President Oliver Zipps and explains: “Because there have always been people who have kept this site moving with the right sense of the moment and, above all, a clear vision for the future.“The fact that the car manufacturer will continue to regard this as an emblem of the site in the future becomes clear on the anniversary, when the head of production again refers to the roadmap for the transition to the so-called iFactory, that is, the strategic strategic masterplan, which means new structures, especially for Munich.

BMW plant manager in Munich Peter Weber and production manager Milan Nedelkovic

We talk about the traditions and future of urban production at the main factory in Munich on the occasion of the anniversary: ​​Plant Director Peter Weber (left) and Production Director Milan Nedelijkovic. (Photo: BMW Group)

BMW builds and assembles a new body shop

Despite or specifically because of the particular location, the goal is to secure a long-term future for the plant. This was also confirmed by the Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter, who, on the occasion of the anniversary, announced the architecture competition, which concluded in close cooperation between the OEM and the state capital BMW Munich – Urban Production directed. As a result, you can see one in BMW with the winning offices OMA from Rotterdam and 3 XN from Copenhagen Further development of the plant, which above all provides much greater transparency to the surrounding neighborhood, as well as more green spaces.

A new body shop will be built on the site of the former paint shop, and a new assembly line for the entire electrical shop will be built on the site of the former engine shop from 2024 new class building, that is, for those vehicles that make up the basic architecture of the future BMW BEV. So, according to plant manager Peter Weber, “The Munich plant remains a competitive and forward-looking location for production.According to the head of BMW, Oliver Zipse, every second of BMW cars will be fully electric by 2023. And in 2026, the goal is to introduce a new class, which will begin a new era not only for products, but also for the main plant.

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