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Bidding your smartphone for auction on eBay has never been easier. Whether it’s using a smartphone or a computer: the online ad is displayed within a few minutes. But if you invest more time, you can earn more by selling your old smartphone. We show you 6 tips you should know.

Reach as many bidders as possible on eBay

An advertisement can be created quickly. But be sure to put it online or when the auction ends. On a Wednesday morning around 8am, very few people were searching for a smartphone on eBay. On the other hand, on weekends, when many people are at home and find time to research, you can reach more bidders with your ad. The more people who see your ad, the greater the chance that the bidders will pay each other a price.

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You can either place the ad online at a scheduled start time, which will cost you 20 cents. Or you can save the final announcement for later, set a reminder and let it go online manually, but for free.

This will tell you how much your smartphone is worth

While many may already know the first tip, the second is more of an inside tip. For example, if you want to sell the Samsung Galaxy S20, you must first search for the smartphone on eBay. This will give you an idea of ​​the value your device is still worth. If you now tap Filter in the eBay app on your smartphone and select Sold Items, eBay will show you all auctions that have ended.

This way you can see in more detail how much money others have sold for your Galaxy S20. If you click on a finished auction and it fits your template and ideas, you can click Sell Like This Item at the top. This will take you to a pre-filled input mask to sell your smartphone. This greatly speeds up the whole process.

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Sales Commission: Pay attention to eBay promotions

If you sell your smartphone on eBay, a sales commission of 11 percent of the final sale price is payable. If the auction ends with €200, you must pay €22 to eBay. eBay always has promotions where the sales commission is only 1 or 2 euros – no matter how much your smartphone ultimately sells. Especially with large quantities, you can get a lot of it. However, you must be patient. Because the verbs are rare and come at irregular intervals.

Once you determine the value of your smartphone and don’t want to accept high fees, you can also sell your cell phone on eBay classifieds. You do not pay any fees here.

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Different payment options?

Until the end of 2020, it was still possible to select various payment options, including PayPal. This attracted more potential buyers. Reason: Payment was made much faster than bank transfer and reached you in no time. The advantage for the buyer was that because you have the money in your account within a few minutes, you can send the sold smartphone much earlier and the waiting time for the new used cell phone is shorter.

But eBay has removed this payment option. When you sell things on eBay, you get your money straight into your bank account. So if someone buys and pays for your item, eBay will notify you that the item has been paid for and you can send it in. The funds will be credited to your bank account after a few days. So it takes a little longer than PayPal, but according to eBay it is more secure. Additionally, eBay deducts the fees directly from the purchase price. Previously, there was a separate billing and debiting done monthly. eBay has compiled more information on this topic on its website.

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Save yourself the trouble

When creating an offer on eBay, you should describe your smartphone as closely as possible. Does it have flaws? Everything works? Does it have scratches on the screen or the back? Is the scope of delivery complete? You can upload up to 12 photos in one campaign. Show dents with your close-up shots, even if they mean nothing to you. This may reduce the number of euros by a few euros in the end, but you may save yourself a lot of hassle and a negative rating after the auction. After all, you don’t want to receive an item with a purchase that has scratches even though they weren’t visible in the listing photos.

Speaking of photos: Pay attention to a few spots in your photos of the smartphone you want to sell on eBay. Images must be sharp and undisturbed. Lots of light helps a lot. Here we give you 10 tips to get the perfect picture using your smartphone. Don’t just add two photos to the auction. If you want to buy something, you want to look at it from all sides. Especially when it comes to a high price. So take advantage of the opportunity offered by eBay and upload 10 or even 12 photos.

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