The way to promote your merchandise efficiently

In order to be able to successfully sell products on used portals, good photos are crucial. (Photo: Pexels/Daria Kruchkova)

Tips from the experts

Everything collected or erased as a result of the closure can be sold back on used pallets. We’ll show you the best way to do that.

As with many things, the pandemic has accelerated a trend in the flea market that was already evident several years ago. The fact that in 2020 more time was spent at home and people shopped online more often is clearly reflected in the annual figures of the largest Swiss online marketplaces, and Ricardo. The latter was able to set record results across the board during the pandemic year: a total of 1.4 million active Ricardo members generated 6.5 million transactions in 2020, corresponding to a 29 percent growth over the previous year.

2020 will also go down in history as a successful year for April and May ended with 30 percent total traffic compared to the previous year.

When buying second-hand goods, not only the sustainability aspect plays a role, but also the pursuit of individual products that allow you to stand out from the crowd. But the personal financial benefit is also important, as Dejan Dojcinovic, CEO of explains: “At you can do good business and protect the environment at the same time. This makes the platform still attractive 10 years later.”

How do items on Ricardo and sell best?

But sometimes it is not easy to sell products on Ricardo and So before you quit and the merchandise you no longer use ends up in the trash: experts reveal how to best portray an item, describe it, set a reasonable price, and how furniture, clothing, care products, and electrical appliances can best sell.

1. Sell on which platform? and Ricardo are market leaders in Switzerland. Articles can be published for free on both portals. However, they have some fundamental differences. For example, auctions are only available on Ricardo, while you can only give away products on, that is, offer them for free. This makes sense especially for cheap products that you want to get rid of as quickly as possible.

However, you’ll notice the biggest difference between the two portals after the sale is processed: compared to, where everything can be sold for free, with Ricardo paying a 9 percent sales commission. If an item is successfully auctioned or sold, you pay Ricardo between a minimum of 10 cents and a maximum of 190 francs, depending on the sale price.

In return, customers are offered a simpler search function on Ricardo, which could make it possible to find the offered product more quickly. In addition, when buying and selling, you can count on reviews and – and in case of any discrepancies – the support of the company.

Pros and Cons of Totti and Ricardo


+ From advertising to transaction, everything is free
+ Sellers and buyers communicate in person and are more independent.
– Fewer subcategories and therefore fewer search options

Conclusion: the whole process is free. Because the company does not support the sale, contracts can often be terminated.


+ Ratings for more safety
+ Payment, shipping and personal information is provided through the site.
+ Simplified search functions
+ More subcategories
High sales commission

Conclusion: It provides a simplified search function and security when selling expensive items. In the case of particularly expensive products or several products, the seller’s bill can be high.

2. Good photos are crucial

“Essentially, the better the illustrations, the better the chances of selling. Products with multiple images are always better off,” says Patricia Negri, Director of Digital Communications and Content at The quality of the photos also plays an important role: they should not be taken in the dark or blurred. Negri recommends taking photos in natural light, where colors appear best.

It is best to offer a combination of close-up shots of the product, which clearly show the nature of the material, design, label or buttons on clothing items, and overall photo recordings. It is best to present the clothes on hangers or stands – or even better with pictures of what the garment is wearing. This is the best way to visualize the fall of the dress.

Am I allowed to submit defective products?

Defective items may be submitted; Finally, spare parts can be used or can be useful for further processing. However, defects or signs of use should be described in as much detail as possible and documented using photographs.

Especially important: after uploading images, you should definitely check which image is displayed as the main image. A detailed shot as a main image gives little information about the product, which means that the chances of it being sold are much lower.

3. The better the description, the higher the chances of selling

A meaningful title and subtitle as well as a detailed description is essential so that potential buyers can get a complete picture of the item. Mojca Fuks, director of public relations at Ricardo, recommends crafting a brief title for the show so that it can be found via the search engine: “Don’t just type ‘red shoes’, but ‘red leather ballerinas, size. 40, from Bali ›». This especially makes sense in popular categories like “Apparel & Accessories,” which currently has over 300,000 items on Ricardo.

This should be followed by a description that is as honest and comprehensive as possible. The more information about size, color, condition, brand, product name, serial number, material, etc., the higher the chance of finding the offered product. Often it helps interested parties to make their decision information about the exact dimensions of the clothes, and not just the size.

However, you should always refer only to the product, because: “It is against our rules to include generic search terms in the ad text that have no direct connection to the offered product, but only serve the sole purpose of achieving more search results” according to Negri from tutti. ch.

4. Set reasonable prices

Branded items and items made from high-quality or rare materials should also be allowed to fetch reasonable prices on second-hand pallets. However, a realistic price must be weighed in advance in light of the age, quality and condition of the item offered. The best thing to do here is to compare the prices set by other providers. On, for example, you can find out when the product was loaded – if it has been on sale for weeks, this may be due to the price that is set too high. While more expensive items are sold less, according to Negri, the very low price seems questionable.

Can you sell counterfeit products?

“No. According to our rules, goods whose sale is prohibited by Swiss law may not be displayed on our platform”, says Negri of Fakes are also not allowed. Providers of pirated copies and counterfeit trademark goods will be sued and can be sued. By the way, this also includes ads with imitation: «Do ads with descriptions» style [Marke]> see [Marke] Deceptively similar! › (or similar designations), will be rejected in the exam and will not be published. These materials are also prohibited. According to Fox, it is not allowed to display or sell fakes, replicas, or interpretations of branded items on Ricardo either.

An indication that the price is overpriced may be that the product is seen a lot but not sold. You can then lower the price on as well as on Ricardo at any time. On the other hand, the current offer in Ricciardo could not be more expensive.

5. Sell clothes in the right season

Even if you want, for example, to sell a Max Mara coat at a competitive price of 99 francs or skates for 20 francs, you are unlikely to be able to find buyers for it in July. Make sure you sell clothing, accessories, or sporting goods in the right season.

6. Do the care products sell well?

“The clip does not grow above average, perhaps for hygiene reasons,” Ricciardo’s director of public relations reckons. However, what generally goes well are new or little used products from high quality brands that are expensive and can be found much cheaper in Ricardo. According to Negri, the makeup used also makes up an important small part of the offer on, where there are currently less than 200 ads.

7. What about electronic devices?

If there is still a factory warranty on an electrical device, you should definitely mention this in the description, advises Fuks von Ricardo.

If observing these tips and lowering the price still does not lead to a sale, you must face the truth: perhaps there is simply no demand for this product. If you don’t get rid of it for free either, it’s probably already headed to a landfill.

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