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An online home book gives you more information about your finances

(DJ). It often comes unexpectedly. An urgently needed car repair, a faulty washing machine or an insurance discount that you have completely forgotten about: all this can lead to serious budget gaps. In these cases, a literal nest egg helps. You should always have a good one to three months salary available on short notice. But many find it difficult to put anything on the high ledge at all. The salary is often used up before the end of the month. Where exactly did the money go? To be able to answer this question, it is useful to record income and expenses in the budget book. Step by step, the transparency of your finances increases.

Better plan for your own budget

Once you start keeping track of your expenses, you can try a few aha moments. Small amounts are supposed to run into large amounts over the course of the month. Or the hobby may be much more expensive than anticipated. “With private bookkeeping, you can quickly see where the cost traps are hiding and how you can gain more financial freedom,” explains Korina Dörr, Head of Finance and Household Advisory Services. The classic option is to make a careful note of all current expenses in a printed budget book. It is much easier and more convenient to do it online today, for example using the newly launched online budget book “Web Budget Planner”. Regular income and expenses are recorded once and automatically updated – so you’re always one step ahead of your finances. Daily purchases and the like can be entered quickly, and all reservations can then be assigned to the categories and keywords of your choice.

Free and anonymous use

After one to three months, it is easy to determine how much the hobbies, for example, represent. The expenses of individual family members can always be tracked with the help of keywords. From smartphones to tablets to desktop computers, users have free access to the www web-budgetplaner de. There are also many filtering and rating options at the touch of a button. User data is protected with encrypted pages on German servers and with anonymity during registration, the offer is ad-free and available to everyone.


The author provides the information here only, and there is no investment advice, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell investments. Investment transactions involve risks, so it is recommended that you consult professional investment advisors. In this context, we would like to point out that investing in stocks (including hot stocks or small stocks), certificates, funds or guarantees is sometimes associated with significant risks. A complete loss of the invested capital cannot be excluded.

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