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he is tailgate damper or one hood damper Damage? Then the following guide will help you regarding diagnosis and change. Gas pressure dampers are usually installed on the hood and tailgate. Both are nearly identical in terms of structure, method of attachment and function. Replacement and symptoms in case of a defect are also the same. So, in this guide, we explain everything important about it using only a gas pressure damper on the back door. In general, however, our information can also be found at Hood Or a gas pressure damper installed elsewhere on the vehicle. The tailgate damper makes it easy to open and maintain the tailgate. However, once the dampers are worn out, the tailgate falls uncontrollably and can injure someone. Changing dampers/dampers is easy and requires little effort.

What is the function of the tailgate damper in a car?

Replacing the tailgate bonnet damper defect

The tailgate damper is located on the left and right on the underside of the boot lid. It’s pneumatic so it will work too gas spring or pressure spring call. The damper has several functions at the same time. It provides support when opening the luggage compartment, is responsible for fully automatic opening and is used to keep the boot lid open. The tailgate of a car is often very heavy. Depending on the car, its weight ranges from 30 to 80 kilograms, including the installed technology and the rear window. If the tailgate damper fails, the weight drops suddenly. This could result in personal injury and damage to the vehicle. So ought to Dampers are checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

How does a tailgate damper work?

In terms of structure, gas compression springs are not actually springs. Inside is a gas-filled tube, usually nitrogen. A piston in a pressure tube acts on a piston rod with a seal. When closing and opening the trunk lid, the piston moves inside the pressure tube. With the tailgate open and in the extended position, the internal pressure is low.

Rear bonnet damper replacement for the tailgate 3

When the tailgate is closed, the pressure increases significantly, which is the reason for the increased counterforce. Having a hole inside slows the gas movement and slows down the speed. As a result, the flap closes and opens more slowly. The Attached Usually have a damper ball head coupling I realized on both sides. This connection must securely attach the springs to the body and the trunk lid. In addition, it must also be mobile, since the angle of the gas spring and the coupling changes when it is opened.

Symptoms: defective dampers!

There are generally two marks on a defective tailgate damper Suddenly or crawling might happen. Either the tailgate is difficult to open or it no longer holds up on its own. However, symptoms appear Don’t always sneak away. Most of the time there is a sudden failure. If the tailgate no longer stays open or opens with difficulty, the damper may be defective. As a rule, a defective seal inside is responsible for the pressure loss. However, on older cars, the tailgate damper can also rust and thus leak. If this is the case, you must replace the defective damper quickly before the second one fails as well. However, the pressure of the tailgate dampers can also be increased due to temperature fluctuation to change. Therefore, the strength is often lower in winter. just one a little higher Therefore, fatigue in the cold is normal and not always a symptom of an early blemish. So just test whether the problem exists when the car is in the car for a long time Sun or in a warm place garage was standing.

What should I look for when buying a gas spring?

Gas springs for a different van or truck. In general, there are two main characters that can be used to determine an appropriate spring. This is the total length in millimeters as well Restoration or extension of force in Newtons. Example: Gas Spring LIFT-O-MAT 50N-450N 198mm Liftomat 250N. In general, the pressure and volume of the dampers are adapted to the requirements of the individual vehicle. So you should only use springs whose strength and size correspond to the original part identical be. If the wrong gas pressure spring is installed during switching, it may be because the tailgate or bonnet cannot be closed, not fully opened, or has fallen off on its own.

Changing gas springs yourself – instructions

Due to the low price, we recommend to use exchange. The costs for this can be controlled, and if one of the gas springs is faulty, the second one usually has only a limited service life, having been subjected to double loads on occasion and is also the same life. swap both dampers It brings more security in the long run. For a change, you usually only need one slotted screwdriver. However, when removing the tailgate damper, the heavy cover can fall off, you need to think about this.

1. Setting

  • First open and open the trunk lid. Then, at best, one provides support (wooden slats, broom etc.) to keep the lid open. Support is employed for this no pressure Can be exercised on sensitive components such as the rear window. Instead, the assistant should be asked to hold the hole during the repair.

2. Loosen the damper

  • Damper attachment is ball head coupling, which on both sides from damper. The connection is usually secured with a clip or small clamping clip. Detach the hood clip from the trunk by inserting a screwdriver and lifting it up. If the new damper does not have a clamp, keep the old damper. It should also fit the new damper. You also have to be careful not to scratch the paint. After the clip is removed, the gas spring can pass swipe sideways It can be easily separated from the ball. Then the process is repeated on the other clutch. The tailgate damper must be securely attached during disassembly so that it does not fall and damage the paint.

3. Clutch cleaning

  • Any residue can be removed with a cloth or brush. Otherwise, the new gas spring may not engage properly or may cause scratches and squashing noises. At the same time, a little grease can be advised to protect the clutch from rust.

4. Introduction of new gas spring

  • Now the tailgate damper has been replaced. The clamp is usually always included for connection and is already attached to the gas spring. Now attach the spring and press it against the ball head. The holder must be used for installation can not be removed, this is usually (not always) necessary for expansion. When the spring is inserted, it snaps into place audible a.

5. Test

  • Now check whether the gas spring seated properly. To do this, simply shake the gas spring a little. If installed correctly, it will separate Not from the ball head. Gas damper must be steadilybut still with the ball head out the back door MovingKeep in touch. Then the process is repeated on the other side of the vehicle. After replacing two of the tailgate dampers, the trunk lid should open again easily and hold up at the same time.

Changing the tailgate douses yourself – effort and costs!

With our guide, you can replace the gas springs in the car yourself, regardless of whether it is the hood (bonnet lift) or the tailgate. This usually requires few or no tools. Spare parts usually cost between 5 and 30 euros per piece and therefore 10 to 60 euros for both sides. The working time is only a few minutes if the clutch is otherwise intact.

The following note is necessary: For safety reasons, tuningblog recommends all repair, inspection and maintenance work exclusive In a specialized workshop! Although our information is summarized to the best of our knowledge and belief, we cannot take any responsibility for the content. So all information is “without warranty”.

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