Porsche Car Holdings stake: a delicate funding or a secure financial institution? ()

On April 14, 2022 at 4:04 pm, Porsche Automobil was listed on the Xetra home exchange at €81.2. Porsche Automobile belongs to the “car manufacturers” division.

Our analysts rated the Porsche Automobile based on 8 criteria. Each evaluation criterion defines ‘buy’, ‘hold’ or ‘sell’. The overall evaluation results from the individual findings of this analysis.

1. Investors: Investor sentiment depends on discussions and interactions by market participants on social media related to the stock market. In the past two weeks, discussions about the Porsche Automobil have been particularly positive. Over the course of nine days, discussion was mainly characterized by positive topics, while on four days negative communication prevailed. However, in the past day or two, it has been mostly negative issues that investors are concerned about. Based on this mood picture, the stock receives a “pending” rating today. More in-depth, automated analysis of communications has shown that “sell” signals have been on the cutting edge of late. This gives Porsche Automobile a “hold” rating based on the investor confidence scale.

2. Relative Strength Index: In order to assess whether a security is “overbought” or “oversold,” the upward and downward movements over time can be compared. This provides the so-called Relative Strength Index (RSI), an indicator of technical analysis which is often used in the financial market. We are now evaluating the Porsche Automobil using the short-term RSI of the last 7 days and the slightly longer-term RSI on a 25-day basis. First, the 7-day RSI, which currently stands at 98.99 points, which means that Porsche Automobil stock is in overbought territory. As a result, you get a “Sell” rating. Now for the RSI25: RSI 25 is at 41.78, which means that the Porsche Automobile is neither overbought nor oversold here, unlike RSI7. Therefore, the security is categorized differently as a “hold”. This gives Porsche Automobile a “sell” rating for this point in our analysis.

3. Analyst Rating: From a total of 3 analyst ratings from the past 12 months for the stock of Porsche cars, 2 are “buy”, 1 “book” and 0 “sell”. This means, on average, a “buy” rating for the stock. There are no analyst updates on Porsche Automobile from last month. An average of 110 euros is calculated from the specified target price. This means that the stock could rise by 35.47 percent from its last closing price (81.2 euros). The resulting recommendation is “Buy”. In short, Porsche Automobile has been rated “Buy” by analysts.

Do you buy, keep or sell Porsche Automobile Holdings?

How will the Porsche Automobile Holding Company develop from now on? Is the entry worthwhile or should investors sell instead? Find out the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the current Porsche Automobil Holding analysis.

What do you think?

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