Nice-grandson sells Picasso ceramics as NFTs

1010 Digital Pieces: His grandson sells Picasso ceramics as NFTs

Geneva.The heirs of the world-famous Spanish painter present the never-before-seen ceramics by Pablo Picasso in 1010 individual digital fragments as NFTs (Non-Replaceable Tokens). In doing so, they are betting on “crypto” assets that have created a storm in the world of art and finance. NFT is a digital certificate of authenticity that affirms uniqueness across the blockchain. NFT bands of lesser known artists have already brought in big bucks.

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Read more after the announcement

Marina Picasso, the artist’s granddaughter, said the pottery in question dates back to when she was a child in 1958. Her son, Florian Picasso, Picasso’s grandson, told the Associated Press, “We’re trying to bridge the NFT world and build the art world.” During an exclusive interview, they both opened their Geneva apartment filled with the artist’s work and revealed a small glimpse into part of the piece, which is about the size of a large salad bowl.

The pottery displayed shows a thick yellow streak of paint, a splash of green paint, and the number “58” drawn on the back of the bottom of the vessel.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Picasso’s grandson makes music with John Legend and people

Marina Picasso said that work is a face. “She is happy and happy. It represents life… It is one of those things that has been part of our life, our intimate life,” she said, “of my life with my children.”

A spokesperson for Florian Picasso told The Associated Press that Sotheby’s will be auctioning both NFTs and pottery in March. However, a Sotheby’s spokesperson on Wednesday denied that one of the NTFs should have come under the hammer. According to the family, however, in the first phase of Friday, more than 1,000 more NFTs will be sold via the Nifty Gateway and Origin Protocol platforms. Florian Picasso said they settled on ceramics because it was such a fun thing to do at first.

Some of the proceeds will be donated – part to a charity trying to overcome the shortage of caregivers, and part to an NGO trying to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

NFTs will also feature music composed by Florian Picasso in collaboration with songwriter John Legend and rapper Nas. Picasso’s grandson is a DJ and music producer. DJ played a clip for AP Reporter. “And to hear more, they have to buy NFT,” he explained.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement


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