Lengthy-Covid specialist: ‘The physique wants time’ – Münchberg

What are the most common symptoms of Long-Covid?

Shortness of breath when you make it, it could just be walking up the stairs. Or exhaustion, fatigue and lack of strength. Our task is to differentiate those that have to do with the lungs. In some cases, we send the patient to a cardiologist to see if the heart muscle is inflamed.

How can you help?

For example, by treating asthma. A natural remedy for tiredness and fatigue is recommended. And of course there are many rehabilitation procedures. Unfortunately, corona’s late effects also include cognitive complaints, such as forgetfulness, speech disturbances, problems concentrating or memory loss. Targeted training is recommended here.

What do those affected suffer?

For example, one of my patients is a man who heads a church and has to give a lot of lectures. Now he has difficulties with mental functioning and no longer feels able to do so. Just like a young software developer in his late twenties who has already rehabilitated but can no longer practice his profession. Since his illness, he has found it very difficult to concentrate. You really don’t wish it on anyone, because the dreams of life exploded. Of course, the long-term effects weigh on our health care system.

If you feel weak and tired after surviving corona disease, you should…

…Challenge yourself, but don’t overburden yourself. He can strain himself, but not overburden himself. He will have to restrain himself and this is bad for patients. Especially for those who do a lot of sports.

Can you give them hope that things will return to the way they were before?

In most cases yes. Symptoms tend to disappear over time. However, it just takes patience, and that’s biology and not car repair. The body needs time, then important functions return. We provide the doctors with the necessary assistance for this. You must check-out yourself and under no circumstances should you go without visiting a doctor due to the COVID-19 situation.

How long does it take to feel symptoms after contracting corona disease?

Among patients who did not require hospital treatment, 13.3 percent still had symptoms after four weeks. 4.5 percent after eight weeks and 2.3 percent after twelve weeks. We have treated patients here since the first wave of Corona, and very few infected people since that time are still receiving treatment today. But there are also a number of patients who still have symptoms after twelve weeks.

Do you notice a difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated Long-Covid patients?

At first, due to the lack of a vaccine, most of them were unvaccinated people. Meanwhile, patients who have been vaccinated twice and in some cases have been vaccinated are coming in, and they still have coronavirus. However, they tend to have milder gradations.

As a lung expert, would you advocate compulsory vaccination based on your experience?

In all cases. Medicine is science and therefore statistics as well. If the procedure is beneficial, why not use it? The car seat belt is undisputed, although people still die in road traffic, their number is much smaller. Vaccination is an achievement – look at polio, it just doesn’t exist anymore. It is in the interest of society.

The vaccination requirements for medical staff should take effect from 16 March. Is this causing you problems?

No, we have 60 employees here, none of them are unvaccinated. We also believe this is necessary to protect our patients.

Do you also see patients with vaccination side effects?

Yes, they complain, for example, of nerve pain, muscle tension, palpitations, exhaustion, fatigue. This usually subsides after two to three days. For me, that’s no reason to be against the vaccine. It’s a small percentage of patients, just like a regular flu shot.

Should the lungs of everyone infected with corona be examined?

Medical care is important. If your family doctor considers this necessary, they will refer you to a specialist. But we also see people here with lung problems because they haven’t gone to a specialist because of the pandemic. In the past four weeks, there have been three to four cases of advanced lung cancer — all patients I would have liked to see early. Unfortunately, this is also a consequence of Corona.

Interviewed by Claudia Seibert

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