How Bayer, Allianz, Porsche Automobil Holding, BMW, Zalando and Henkel launched dialog matters at DAX


Dax: + 2.17%

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HIC . strategy | MASU0607
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Gross dividend €10.80 per share – net €9.18 per share = €110.16 to flow into the account

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traditionalists | 14D00F29
DAX values ​​with protection

Bayer shares were discontinued, and the associated short turbo certificates were left in the portfolio to generate profits.

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Bayer has commented very cautiously on the very good first-quarter numbers, but they continue to generate interest in the US because the US Department of Justice has opposed a summary Supreme Court decision. Before the market, Bayer’s price collapsed by 8% to €56.80. Perhaps a ‘stock in closing sale’ of €55 or less would complete the already reduced position (3.9%).

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shares for sale

Bayer exited the merger process that began after the AGM on April 22 that rose more than 6% as the first quarter came in well above expectations. A profit of 3.35 euros was made in the first quarter of 22 and the annual forecast of 7 euros was confirmed as well as an unchanged dividend of 2 euros. In March 2022, a hybrid bond of 1.3 billion was issued with a term of 60 years (p. 12), callable after 5.5 or 8.5 years at a coupon of 4.5% or 5.375%. At this interest rate, the buyer of the bond can easily wait for termination. Therefore, the debt has also increased, since the following hybrid bonds amounting to 1.3 billion euros in autumn 2022 with a coupon of 2.375%.

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First Alliance at 11.5.1. 5.90%, volume 155% of normal days

2. Porsche Automobile Holdings on 11.5. 5.25%, volume 91% of normal days

3. BMW at 11.5. 5.18%, volume 203% of normal days

4. Henkel at 11.5. 0.09%, volume 73% of normal days

5. Zalando at 11.5. -1.11% volume 111% of normal days

6. Bayer at 11.5. -6.22% volume 240% of normal days

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Alliance at 11.5. 5.90%, volume 155% of normal days

Porsche Automotive Holdings on May 11th. 5.25%, volume 91% of normal days

BMW 11.5. 5.18%, volume 203% of normal days

Henkel at 11.5. 0.09%, volume 73% of normal days

Zalando on May 11. -1.11% volume 111% of normal days

Bayer at 11.5. -6.22% volume 240% of normal days

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