Filling the oil within the hydraulic jack, that is the way it works.

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How is oil refilled in a hydraulic jack? Anyone who needs to lift something heavy like a car or truck will appreciate a hydraulic jack. However, this device requires one for its system oil lubrication. The newly purchased form may need to be filled with oil before it is used for the first time. On the other hand, the already used version requires Regularly Fresh oil. To fill in the oil, only the cap and filler stop are required. Fresh oil can now be poured into the oil chamber with the lever. Now I have to vent And the hydraulic jack is ready to use again. For this, the socket must stand on a flat surface. It stands securely and cannot roll over on its own. The oil level can be read and adjusted perfectly. The place where the oil will be filled in the winch must also be allowed to get dirty. When filling, a little oil can go wrong quickly. If in doubt, it is worth putting a piece of plastic tarpaulin under it.

Hydraulic Oil Change Lift

Open the pressure release valve.

  • Opening the pressure release valve ensures that the lever is lowered and access to the filler plug is free. There are different methods of release mechanisms depending on the crane model. On some models, the handle must be rotated counterclockwise.
  • If both options for lowering the socket do not work, a look at the user manual will help.
  • During operation, the drain valve must remain open.

If the socket has a cover plate to protect the internal components, it will need to be removed. So remove all screws and lift the cover plate.

  • On some models, the entire panel can be lifted. For others, it can only be lifted. If the entire board can be taken to one side, then it must be safely placed on one side.
  • In most cases, a Phillips screwdriver is sufficient to loosen the screws.
  • The screws that were removed should also be safely set aside.

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Wipe the area around the nozzle with a clean cloth so the system does not get dirty. This ensures that dirt does not get inside the socket.

  • On older models, a thick layer of dirt may have formed around the filler neck. Then the nozzle must be cleaned.

Now the filler plug must be removed. As a rule, the plug is located under the cap. Depending on the model, it is removed or loosened. If only the plug is inserted, it can be removed with a flat screwdriver. Simply insert a screwdriver on the side of the plug and take it out.

  • If the filler neck cannot be found, then the guide will help you here under warranty.
  • Unplugging should be done with caution as it does not have to be confirmed. So don’t force anything.

Now the oil tank can be filled with new oil for the winch. A sufficient amount of oil must be filled so that the level is at the specified level. Now remove the excess oil from the nozzle. The plug can now be reinserted or rotated. Pay attention to hygiene.

  • There is nothing wrong with funnel fill.
  • It is important that Jack’s oil is used for filling. Engine oil is not a substitute. Brake fluid does not work at all.

2 . hydraulic oil change winch

Now put the plug back in. Insert as removed, either by pressing or rotating clockwise, or as dictated by the form. Once the plug is back in place, the socket needs to be bled.

  • Do not put the cap back on yet, as it will likely interfere with venting.
  • There are models where the filler neck must also be open when bleeding occurs. The user guide provides information on this.

Is the drain valve still open? It should remain open to vent. The lever must be completely lowered, i.e. completely open the lowering mechanism. Leave the valve open when bleeding.

  • While filling in new oil, air may accumulate in the crane system, which is why vent Importance. With air in the system, the jack cannot properly lift or carry the load. If he droops during his work assignment, this can have serious consequences.

Air must be removed from the system for the socket to function properly. With the release valve open, quickly depress the handle 10 to 15 times. This forces air out of the system. The lever should not be raised while the release valve is open. If it still moves up, check the release valve. Is it fully open?

  • A look at the manual reveals how to remove air from the corresponding lever.

Now the release valve can be closed and the socket can perform a test run. Start pumping until the lever reaches the top and release. It should move evenly.

  • If the lever vibrates during its test operation, air may remain in the system. So repeat the vent.

If the test is carried out without any abnormalities, the cap can be put back and tightened tightly.

  • Only Jack’s oil can be used. If the wrong oil is used, it can accidentally drop the lever and cause dangerous situations.
  • Check the steps in the guide before starting the activity. Each jack model has its differences.

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