Endurance runner: Porsche 911 with 370,000 km on the market

a Porsche 911 Like daily driver? This is not rare, as there is hardly any other sports car that is as suitable for everyday use as the 911. However, most Porsches that are driven in everyday life are replaced by a new model after only a few years. This is amazing 993 Carrera 4 is the exception – in the last 25 years, 911 Approximately 370,000 km trusted. Now 993 accident free in rare PTS . spot color Selling “Ragusa Green” by auction!

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The Porsche 911 Carrera 4 is offered on the auction platform auctomobile.com. In addition to the sheer miles of nearly 370,000 kilometers, what distinguishes 993 of Construction year 1996 Equipment. The special color PTS is extremely rare and is originally from The legendary Audi RS 2 Famous. Supposedly, only 993 were delivered at Ragusa Green. 286 hp The powerful Carrera 4 rides on 996 GT3 Mackie rims, which were already available as special equipment for the 993. Important for Porsche fans: the 911 is headphone Nor does it have the unpopular four-speed tiptronic system.
Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 (PTS) 1996

The interior does not show 370,000 km. You can also buy 150,000 kilometers from the 993.

993 is the last air-cooled 911

The 993 Series was introduced in late 1993 and succeeded the 964 Series. For many enthusiasts, the 993 is the last true 911, which is also reflected in used-car prices. This is due, among other things, to the fact that Khalifa 996 It has not been very popular for a long time and has not only found loyal followers in recent years, but also because 993 other 911 air-cooled he is. The 993, designed by Britain’s Tony Hatter, was slightly cheaper than its predecessor, the 964, when it was launched. In 1998, the last air-cooled Porsche was delivered to comedian and Porsche collector Jerry Seinfeld.
Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 (PTS) 1996

It is claimed that only two 993 Carrera 4 aircraft were delivered in the special PTS color “Ragusa Green”.

The 993 Carrera 4 shown here has one History is fully traceable. In July 1996 he was sent to A Hamburg doctor delivery, who ordered the 911 with luxury equipment in the rare “Ragusa Green” exterior. In the context of the car’s age, it was 993 later Other owners in the UKwhich Porsche respectively Daily and long-distance car used. So it is a very high one Mileage is approximately 370,000 to explain. The photos still show a mileage of 358,271, but that’s because the photos are older. It is clear that all previous owners have taken an interest in the 911, because it makes a good impression on the photos.
stay of course Rock Falls in more than 360 thousand km Not enough but the black interior presents itself in a non-swaying condition. Carrera 4 also contains a file Check book is constantly sealed and maintained every year. The boxer is original 3.6 liters, only the clutch has already been revamped. Moreover, the Porsche Classic radio and the “Dansk” exhaust system have been updated.
Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 (PTS) 1996

The meter reads 358,271 kilometers, but since the photos were taken 10,000 kilometers have been added.

Sold in May 2021 for €67,000

The question remains about the price, and there is a small surprise, because the accident-free 993 Carrera 4 was only In May 2021 About auctomobile.com for 67,000 euros Sold to the current fourth owner in the Czech Republic. Only six months later, the 993 was again put up for sale with almost 370,000 km / h, the reasons for this are unknown. The auction ends on December 23, 2021, so there may still be someone who can grab a last-minute Christmas present. subordinate Appreciation with optimism 75,000 to 90,000 euros specific.

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