Dilapidated property: ▶ Ghost Citadel for less than €3,000 in preliminary supply

Black windows with broken panes staring into space, wind whistles around weather-damaged walls, cobwebs covering the rubble, a flock of crows missing, but at least the magpie crouching on the meadow in front of the house: a manor house in Sosdom (Vorpommern-Greifswald) is reminiscent of a ghost castle . If you want it, now’s your chance. The property including the property is offered for €3,000 only in the initial bid at German property auctions.

Züsedom’s deputy mayor, Gerlind Neumann, does not want to abandon the building. “It was as beautiful as a real castle. But it has been empty for many years, the roof is broken, the rain is in it. I don’t think it can be saved. What do you do with it in this area where there is nothing, no school, no infrastructure? The young have already left, now the old are leaving. Also.Actually it is unfortunate.The 60-year-old says “It was really cool.” Although she doesn’t believe in it, she does wish the new owner would restore the house to its former glory.If you have the desire,the power,and the money,you should To strike on December 17 from 11 a.m. That’s when property in Berlin will come under the hammer.


Heating, toilets, electricity – none available

According to information from German property auctions, the country mansion was built around 1700 and is now protected as an individual monument. Heating, toilets or showers are no longer available, not even electricity. “Overall, it is in dire need of refurbishment and modernization,” the auction house says. Garbage damage, debris and vandalism cannot be overlooked. Gerlind Neumann says a lot of people have used it. Furniture, plaster, tiles – everything found a buyer. “Once a young man from Brandenburg quietly removed the planks. I told him he should ask his companions, but he did not care.”

It is said that there have been many owners over the past 300 years. In the manor house lived, among others, the painter Elsa Marie Erna Blanca Louise von Arnim, who was born on May 5, 1888 as the seventh and youngest child of her parents Karl von Arnim (1846-1913), the owner of the Zosedum, whose wife Sophie, née Countess von Schwerin, was born (1851-1933) The property had been purchased by her grandfather Hans von Arnim (1789 – 1861) 46 years earlier. It remained in the family estate until 1945 and provided Elsa with a familiar home until then.

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The dog food factory used to be based here

After the war, “every square centimeter was occupied by refugees,” as Gerlind Neumann learned. Many years later, a man from Saarland bought the house for his daughter. When he died, the 18-year-old inherited the property. It is said that it was used as a school. The Society for the Spread of Evangelization, based in Frankfurt am Main, is also said to own the house. Some speak of a sect. But this is not true. “It wasn’t a sect, even if the name resembled it,” says Gerlind Newman. It is said that even a dog food factory operated on the premises. Detergents were also packed there, Gerlind Neumann reports.

The demand for manor houses is increasing

About 5300 square meters of land is owned by real estate. Prospective buyers can request detailed object documents. The auction can also be followed at Lietzenburger Strasse 89 in Berlin via live webcast.

Züsedom’s manor house, which is in a state of decay, is by no means the only problem of the Endangered Manor House Working Group of the Regional Planning Association of West Pomerania. Katja Fachler of the Planning Society announced that there are 142 unrenovated homes in West Pomerania-Greeveswald and West Pomerania-Rugen. 51 of them are in very poor condition, such as those in Züsedom. The working group was created specifically for them. But there is also good news to report. The demand for manor homes is increasing. A buyer can be found for many – no matter how degraded they are.

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