Damaged windshield wipers? It could possibly be due to that!

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If the windshield wipers can be turned on, but they no longer achieve reliable cleaning power and instead only produce streaks, this is often an indication of a Dirty or worn out Wiper blades. In this guide we will show you what to do. On the other hand, windshield wipers no longer operate permanently or intermittently employment It will probably be connected Mechanical or electronic damage behind. Possible triggers for a defective wiper are: Defective, tight or broken wiper coupling, damaged wiper motor, defective relay, defective fuse or steering shaft arm (Then it can also reach permanent operation of windshield wipers), faulty hood connection switch.

Continuing despite the disadvantage?

5 . Car windshield washer system replacement defect

If the wipers stop working, you should As soon as possible Visit a workshop. System failure is not only a major disadvantage for you, but also for other road users Danger Concentration. A question: And can a broken windshield wiper system affect the general inspection? yes! Windshield wipers are safety related and ensure clear visibility in adverse weather conditions caused by rain and snow. Thus the non-working spaces ensure a Will not pass The main investigation. During the general inspection, the inspector not only checks the condition of the windshield wiper rubber, but also checks it Careers Windshield washer system.

Change wiper blades Buy clean

How is the change taking place and what costs may arise?

Initially, the diagnosis is carried out in the workshop, during which, among other things, it is tested whether he was diagnosed at all. Electricity on the wiper drive. If not, a defective fuse or relay may be responsible for the failure. In this case, the change should not exceed, including the voltage test on the motor From 30 to 50 euros costs. To replace the damaged wiper joint, the first step is to disassemble wiper arms and varied deny. A new link costs between 30 and 300 euros. The exchange takes about 30 to 60 minutes, including basic setup. Assuming the hourly rate is €100, The total cost is about 80 to 450 euros calendar.

Replacement of a windshield wiper motor defect

Because the wiper motor is located directly on the wiper joint, the work involved in the event of a motor defect is similar to replacing the linkage. In general, the work required to replace the motor can take half an hour to an hour. Material costs for the new engine add between €20 and €250, which could result in total costs of €70-350. If it is necessary to replace the steering column lever, it may be necessary to remove the steering wheel airbag (If available) take place. This work can take 30 to 60 minutes. Since the materials in this case cost 20 to 300 euros, the total cost is about From 70 to 400 euros to be taken into consideration.

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