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The unpopular evil is that Coke in the intake channel and the valves of the car / engine. This can happen after a certain mileage and is especially noticeable in more modern engines due to Exhaust gas recycling justification. Coke means that intake tract and valves with combustion and oil residue contaminated. Direct injection engines are usually the most susceptible to this type of contamination. But don’t worry, these remnants can usually be removed with the help of a file professional cleaning Removal. Cleaning is especially important when original performance from the engine to be recovered, oil consumption discounted or life span It must be increased. In professional circles, this type of cleaning is also known as “BEDI” cleaning. The name is based on a company that invented a cleaning system specifically designed for this problem. But BEDI cleaning is not the only way to clean the engine. There are different ways to do this. The following guide explains ways to rid the engine of unpopular leftovers.

This indicates that the intake stroke and valves are drilled

  • Engine jerks/doesn’t run smoothly
  • Performance is limited
  • You can see the cracks (eg by endoscopy)
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Error memory entry is stored (the subject of preparing a mixture)

Bench test bench tuning chip tuning BMW M550i XDrive

Coal can have many causes, which makes identifying them very important to avoid or delay coke. As a rule, however, the already mentioned Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is to blame. EGR’s mission is to help modern vehicles meet emissions limits. Part of the exhaust gas flow is fed into the fresh air of the intake. This process is in turn controlled by AGR . valve Regulated by the engine control unit. And it is precisely this EGR that is often disabled due to problems. However, this is illegal and severe penalties may apply. When exhaust gases are recycled, valves and intake ducts can wear out over time Coke. Coke is manifested in the affected parts of it combustion and oil residue contaminated. Direct injection engines are most at risk here. And often up to the usual carbonation Oil mist residue from crankcase ventilation to.

How is cleaning done and how much does it cost?

There are two ways to rid the engine of coke. either one Chemicals or with one Mechanical cleaning. Depending on the condition of the parts and the symptoms that appear on the car, a choice is made between the two options. The mechanical cleaning procedure performed first and then chemical cleaning at regular intervals (eg every 30,000 km) has proven itself with many engines. In addition, after cleaning, a Engine oil change It is implemented. Depending on the engine and oil, an oil change can cost between 100 and 300 euros. Depending on the car, it can be Much more expensive will.

BEDI is a protected term describing a particular application method using a BEDI device and appropriate cleaning agents. Real BEDI cleaning is performed exclusively with a BEDI cleaning device and appropriate cleaning agents.

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How does mechanical cleaning work?

when Roast strong present, then mechanical cleaning is used. However, the more cylinders an engine has, the more expensive and time-consuming the cleaning. In the first step, the intake manifold is disassembled, and then the radiator is disassembled Cloud Channels And valves With walnut shells is a common practice. The combustion chamber must be closed to prevent walnut shell granules from entering the interior. However, the residue is often removed by hand and “scraped” or sanded, so the intake ports shine again as they did on the first day. If you have mechanical cleaning, you have to bear the costs of at least 500 EUR Promise two days without a vehicle. Depending on the vehicle, chemical cleaning may be recommended afterwards. Special additives are used here to clean related components.

How does dry cleaning work?

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Dry cleaning is especially suitable when carbon deposits are present It is not strong is pronounced. Good results can usually be achieved by disassembling just one sensor so that the cleaner shaft can find its way in from there. The cylinders, valves and intake device can come into contact with the cleaner while the engine is running. Of course, the voltage depends on the type of engine / type of vehicle. For best results, this process is usually used repeated several times In addition, the fuel becomes special cleaning additives added. However, dry cleaning usually costs at least 200 euros. advice: It is better to perform the benchmarking on the test bench before and after. In this way, the cleaning result can also be shown in terms of performance by the effect of before and after.

Remove Coke yourself!

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Of course that was far from that!

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