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Come to the big classic meeting at the Auto Grill in Hohenlinden on May 7. © Car Grill

On May 7, 2022 everyone can look behind the scenes – classic car specialists are available to answer questions – a colorful support program for the whole family.

The fact that spring is finally here is obvious to many Old and young Visible, who are now back on the streets. They have finished hibernating and shining in the sun, and their luster is intense.

Vintage and youngtimers are so much more than just old cars

Some even describe it as “the best pastime in the world” to deal with the cultural origins of cars. Old and small cars are much more than just old cars, they are one Emotional attachment to the past. There are memories, feelings, wishes and dreams associated with it. Many people are looking for something very special today classic He buys, dreamed of it from a young age and could not stand it. Or now switch from the back seat to the driver’s seat, where dad or mom used to sit.

Even people who don’t own a classic car can get excited about it – with shapes, colors, and even smells old leather and feeling one Smooth Polished Wooden Shift Knob. Yes, there was a time when you could still tell a car brand by the shape of the radiator or the body.

car grill
Mercedes 220 SE Coupe in the workshop. © Car Grill

Anyone passionate about historical vehicles must see May 7, 2022 Write it down. That day falls in Motorized grill on Isener Strasse in Hohenlinden All about classic vehicles.

car grill, Founded in 1891 as a metalworking shopEast Munich has been made mobile for decades and today, in addition to a large section for new cars, as well Mercedes-Benz Certified ClassicPartner. This Saturday in May, Auto Grill wants to introduce its expertise in the field of historic cars and gives all classic car fans an exciting look behind the scenes of the day’s workshop. They are on the site too Classic car specialists From different fields they are happy to answer questions about classic cars.

Mercedes 220 SE Coupe in the workshop.
Mercedes 220 SE Coupe in the workshop. © Car Grill

Oldie fans and drivers of all brands welcome, because the Auto Grill has been certified by KFZ-Innung Oberbayern as a specialist in historic vehicles, thus proving its competence in classic cars from various manufacturers. Their own is also proudly displayed Mobile treasures from the grill companyThis extra day from vintage hotel From the company, they are impressive evidence of the high quality of Auto Grill’s restoration services. But that’s not all: anyone who plans to buy a timer young or old can get comprehensive information on this day to give advice to let go. The company also draws a line towards modernity and offers driving test With all-electric vehicles from the current EQ series from Mercedes. Classic car rental company IVY History, a subsidiary of the Grill Group, will also participate in the classic meeting with three rental cars.

Take a look, you are welcome!

Auto Grill – a reliable partner for young and old

Hohenlinden’s Traditional Company Offers Full Service Classic Vehicles – See Behind the Scenes at the Grand Classics Meeting on May 7

Click here for the event program for the Auto Grill Classic meeting

Even if you love your classic car and always take care of it yourself, sometimes you have to give it to someone else. Maybe because of one Repair is done or one annual inspection pending. So it is good to have a reliable partner who treats the car with the same respect and experience as the owner himself. Auto Grill in Hohenlinden is such a partner.

The foundation stone of the company was laid in 1891 with the opening of a locksmith workshop Put. came later trade and the Services about vehicles. The Grill family has always felt the pulse of the times and has continued to develop the range – starting with bikes About Motorcycles For four-wheeled vehicles. This included the first gas station from the region.

In the meantime Auto Grill is part of the Grill Group and has three locations in East Munich. The company is still in private hands, and is now in charge The fifth generation of the founding family. The company has been a service partner of Mercedes-Benz since 1963, and thus has grown alongside the classics of today. These roots have never been forgotten by the Grill family and today they preserve the automotive tradition Headquarters in Hohenlinden. Here is the classic car division of the company.

car grill
Clients’ treasures can be kept dry and safe during the winter season in our antique hotel. © Car Grill

Auto Grill in Hohenlinden: Mercedes-Benz Classic partner and specialist for historic cars

The workshop is not only as Mercedes-Benz Classic Partnerbut also from the Automobile Guild of Upper Bavaria Historic Vehicle Specialist A certified. This not only ensures that the company meets the stringent quality requirements of the Mercedes-Benz brand, but also ensures that special care is taken in general.

The staff treats the treasures entrusted to them with sensitivity, discretion and expertise. They have A dash of gasoline in the much-cited blood, which fills the love of historical metal with passion. Experience also plays an important role here. Next to Foreman Günther Grisl’s workshop There are two other classic car specialists who can contribute more than four decades of professional experience. There is also regular Mercedes-Benz Classic Academy Training Courses. This allows the workshop not only to provide a full service for young and old Mercedes, but also to take care of other brands.

car grill
A dream in blue: Veronica and Christoph Ludwig bought their Mercedes 280 SL from Auto Grill eight years ago. © Car Grill

Auto Grill parts supply preserves the authenticity of historic vehicles

The team is doing its best to meet the challenges Historic vehicle repair and maintenance To replace. Thanks to the close cooperation with the manufacturer, with 44 other ClassicPartners partners and des Owns a large-scale spare parts warehouse It can guarantee the supply of spare parts for Mercedes-Benz classics and Preserved originality will. Company President Richard Grill is especially proud of a large library of original repair instructions and parts catalogs, which can help solve many problems.

The classic car workshop at Auto Grill is particularly distinguished by the fact that a Full service from a simple oil change to a full restoration can be submitted. This is made possible by the fact that the company also has a file Special Paints Store He has on site and himself upholstery work can display. Also possible works like Engine repair and the wheel alignment.

This is the breadth of service at Auto Grill

In addition to classic in-car services, the focus is on service. So customers can save a lot of time by using file Collection and delivery service to benefit from. In addition, you can also get one from the Auto Grill Professional hibernation in indoor antique and sports car hotel Spare. Thus, fans of historical vehicles really get everything from one source.

car grill
Auto Grill meets the exacting standards as a Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner partner. © Car Grill

More than 150 cars manufactured before 1998 from the region of Ebersberg, Mühldorf and Munich are currently cared for by grill specialists in Hohenlinden. One of them is the Mercedes 280 SL owned by Veronica and Christoph Ludwig of Munich. The two have been satisfied with new Auto Grill customers for a quarter of a century. For a long time they were excited Classic car loversAlso done for some smaller companies rallies included. The SL must be of the W113 series, which due to the special inwardly curved shape of its optional hardtop “Pagoda” is called.

“About eight years ago we wanted to own our classic car.”

Richard Grill, head of the car dealership, stopped all attempts and was finally able to unite the Ludwig family 280 SL in metallic blue with cream white interior Present. The car came from the first owner and was in Stylish original condition An absolute stroke of luck for Ludwigs.

“We enjoy sailing through the upper Bavarian countryside when the weather is nice.”

Excursions lead to the upper Bavarian mountains or lakes. As for service, they entrust their pagoda to Auto Grill only. proverb Mercedes reliability This is also evidenced by the Roadster, which was first registered in May 1970: the SL had to go to the workshop once for unscheduled repairs and it was quickly fixed. Veronica Ludwig appreciates it very much, especially the fact that she feels she is in good hands with Mr. Gunther Gries if she has any questions.

Gunther Grisl

Service Consultant and Classic Car Specialist

Tel: 08124 / 5301-33

Now Ludwigs are looking forward to the warm days when they can once again enjoy SL in the open. Like many classic car fans, they also have May 7, 2022 marked on the calendar. Because on this day it will be a day at the Auto Grill in Hohenlinden classic meeting Give. There is an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at ClassicPartner and get advice on all questions from the company’s classic car specialists. The classic meeting will be accompanied by a colorful support program.

car grill
Logo © Auto Grill
Logo © Auto Grill

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