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The Motor Klassik Prize is the most traditional reader’s choice in the classic scene. Every year, classic magazine readers vote classic engine From the special interest media company Motor Presse Stuttgart, its most famous model in automotive history. Mercedes was the most successful this year with a total of seven awards. For the first time, the award ceremony was held as part of the Retro Classics trade fair at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center.

After a two-year hiatus due to Corona, the Motor Klassik Awards were once again presented for the first time in a face-to-face event. It happened classic engine Held the evening before Retro Classics opens with invited guests from the classic industry and scene. The premiere with the “home match” in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg gave a particularly good result for Mercedes-Benz.

With a total of six Motor Klassik Awards, the Stuttgart-based brand has received the most awards in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards. With the 300 SL “Gullwing” (1954, the classic sports car class), the 300 SEL 6.3 (1968, the classic class saloon) and the 280 SE 3.5 Cabrio (1969, the classic class Cabriose), Mercedes won three classic classifications. With the Maybach S-Class (top class/luxury class), Mercedes-AMG SL (convertible class) and C-Class (middle class class), the brand has also received three Motor Klassik Awards for its “Future Classic”. In addition, Mercedes won the “Original Parts” category in the Best Brand category.

A total of 18,042 readers selected their favorite classics from eleven categories, each with six nominees, from a pre-selection by editors. In addition, they chose their favorites for the “Future Classics 2022” in nine other categories, each with six current cars.

Classic of the year 2022

The results reflect a wide range of participants: the winners in this category come from eight different brands. Mercedes-Benz has won three prestigious Motor Klassik Awards. AC Cobra, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, BMW, Maserati, Renault Alpine and VW each received an award in Readers’ Choice.

The decision between two icons in the classic sports car class was the most exciting. An advantage of only 0.2 percentage points helped the Mercedes 300 SL (1954) to victory in the Stuttgart duel against the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 (1972). The 50th Anniversary of the Carrera RS is being celebrated in Zuffenhausen this year. In turn, the Aston Martin DB4 (1958) distinguished itself from its competitors in the category of “British classics”. 45.5 percent of all readers survey respondents classic engine She chose this sports car and gave it the lead by more than 30 percentage points over the Lotus Esprit (1976).

The Aston Martin DB4 special chassis also won the Motor Klassik Award for this year’s Auto Auction Award. The selected Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, which was sold by RM Sotheby’s auction house in August 2021 for the equivalent of 8.1 million euros. Only 19 copies of the noble coupe with a light body from Zagato were made by hand.

A Glimpse of the Classics of 2022

Classic Coupe Class: Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint (1954)

Classic Convertible Class: Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 Cabrio (1969)

Classic sports car class: Mercedes-Benz 300SL (1954)

Classic sedan class: Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 (1968)

British classic: Aston Martin DB4 (1958)

Italian Classic Class: Maserati 3500 GT (1957)

Class of French classics: Renault Alpine A110 Berlinette (1967)

US Classics Rating: AC Cobra (1965)

Popular sports car class: BMW 2002 (1968)

Popular Classics Class: Volkswagen Bus T2a (1967)

Car Class of the Year at Auction: Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato (1961), RM Sotheby’s

future classics

When voting for “Future Classics 2022,” readers decide which current models they think have the most classic potential. The most successful brand after Mercedes (three awards) is Porsche with the Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo (electronic car class) and the 911 GT3 Touring (sports car class). Bentley with Continental GT Speed ​​(coupe class), Land Rover with Defender 110 V8 P525 AWD (AV/Off-road class), Mini with John Cooper Works (small car class) and Volkswagen with T7 Multivan (van class).

“Motor Klassik AWARD” reader survey stands for a transparent approach and strict compliance with all data protection regulations. This means that all address data is treated as strictly confidential and in accordance with the relevant rules. The data collected is anonymous and statistically evaluated by an authorized third party service provider. Also this year, Motor Presse Stuttgart limited the number of participants certified by a notary.

classic engine

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