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NFL and Bundesliga fans can look forward to NFTs

McDonald’s celebrates McCrip’s comeback with NFTs

Gucci donates proceeds from NFT auction

NFTs in the fields of popular culture and sports

NFTs have also been in the sport for a long time. For example, French startup Sorare offers trading cards like NFTs that show different football players from all over the world. The company has also been cooperating with the Bundesliga since October 2021, which is why fans can now receive Bundesliga trading cards via the platform.


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Football fans were recently able to receive NFTs, according to a press release from the NFL. Between Thanksgiving and the end of the 2021 season, fans can earn “souvenir tickets” in the form of free NFTs by attending select NFL matches. But not only sports fans can look forward to NFTs. Music lovers can also enjoy the new noise investment. Since January 11, rapper Nas, in association with Royal, has offered broadcast licensing fees for two of his songs in the form of NFTs, thanks to the owners sharing in broadcast revenue. However, all available NFTs are now sold out.

McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Co..

NFTs are also popular outside the entertainment industry. Several large international companies are involved in the NFT trend – including fast food chain McDonalds, for example. With the return of the limited edition McRib last November, the fast food restaurant has released a limited number of NFTs featuring the McRib. With the so-called MCNFT, the temporary return of the burger and its 40th anniversary should be celebrated, the company explained in a press release. However, a combination of the 10 singles McRib NFTs was only possible for those who retweeted the brand’s statement. More than 21,000 people did so within a few hours and nearly 93,000 by early 2022, according to the business chief.

Another fast food chain that has jumped on the NFT bandwagon is Taco Bell. The company auctioned 25 NFT GIFs in March 2021. The business chief said owners also received a $500 gift card with each of the NFTs. The goal of the NFT campaign was, on the one hand, to raise awareness of the company’s brand, and on the other hand, to support a good cause. All auction proceeds went to the Live Mas Scholarship, which supports youth education.

Aside from fast food chains, other food manufacturers also offer NFTs. These include, for example, beverage manufacturers Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. While PepsiCo gave away more than 1,800 themed NFTs in December, Coca-Cola released a number of NFTs in celebration of Friendship Day in July of last year. The NFT auction raised a total of $575,883, which went to the Special Olympics International, according to the press release.

Fashion Brand NFTs

In June of last year, Italian fashion brand Gucci auctioned off NFT in video format inspired by its Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Auction house Christie’s described NFT as a combination of “dreamy landscapes and abundant energy.” Overall, NFT raised $25,000 from the auction, according to the auction page. Then all the money was donated to UNICEF USA to support the COVAX Initiative.

Sunglasses brand RayBan also auctioned off last year’s NFT auction with its brand’s iconic aviator sunglasses motifs. This stems from a press release from Luxotica. The digital collector element was designed by German artist Oliver Lata. It was then auctioned on OpenSea with all proceeds donated to the Italian Art Trust.

Just last November, the athletic footwear and apparel company Reebok offered a number of NFTs to its customers for free. This was to encourage the release of new sneakers developed in partnership with musician A$AP Nast, according to a press release. The 300 distributed NFTs are said to have a total value of $260,000, CMO explains.

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