When can goodwill be anticipated?

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to step after expiration legal Warranty commitment Straight New car manufacturer warranty If there are defects in the car, there is still hope for them Good faith from the manufacturer. However, this is a very complex topic and is often accompanied by a number of problems. It may be every driver’s nightmare. For two years there was no reason to complain and the car had served its purpose. But soon after the statutory guarantee expires, significant damage is shown. This can be a defective turbocharger, a broken engine or a gearbox that no longer turns. also defective air conditioning compressor Not exactly a bargain.

Big drawback – what now?

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Then you now have two options. Scenario 1: There is one New car warranty before, which may also be a kind Used car warranty I can act. This is offered by some manufacturers as well as by various insurance companies. The second possibility is that the car does not have any insurance against defects and defects. If the first case applies and there is a guarantee of connecting a new car, then first you should take a closer look at the insurance policy. The warranties for the connection of a new car or a used car are often multiple Insurance Exceptions Listed that were not necessarily the focus of sales when the warranty was withdrawn.

What is the warranty period for EU re-importation?

In the case of re-importation of EU vehicles such as Volkswagen cars, the warranty period begins not Already on the first registration day by the buyer who lives in Germany. Instead, it only starts when the vehicle is sold by the vehicle manufacturer and the foreign dealer It will be overwritten, which will then be re-imported to Germany. Thus, the warranty period may extend a little fall short. Accordingly important can goodwill arrangement will. If you no longer have a warranty at all, you can only hope for goodwill from the manufacturer.

Magnifying glass to cancel the purchase contract

Hope in good faith

If you don’t have insurance, you can just call the manufacturer and inquire about a bona fide arrangement. This means that car manufacturerTo pay part of the repair cost or not. This is usually the case when the car is not very old and has only a few kilometers. The car owner may be so lucky that the total cost materials and working hours. However, in order to have a chance of accepting a bona fide order, generally all prescribed maintenance work must be carried out at the manufacturer’s approved workshop.

It should be clear to every car owner that legally There is no good faith claim she has. However, most do not know that the manufacturer can prescribe it How do The process of repair and processing of the request for goodwill. The problem here is that it is literally a “goodwill gesture”. This means that it is a file voluntary And sometimes too arbitrary performance from the manufacturer. First of all, you are always the contractual partner for car repair itself, not the vehicle manufacturer. As a customer you can cost estimate Request it in her commitment so far committed. It can also explain the consequences if costs cannot be met and may increase. For example, a workshop can provide feedback over the phone in advance if an increase in costs is expected.

Bill discounts, insurance and auto repair workshop

Despite everything, according to the law, the customer can not requiredThose good intentions before implementation Repair is assumed or warranted by the vehicle manufacturer. If the manufacturer does it anyway, that is, of course, very positive. As described above, this performance is purely on the part of the manufacturer Voluntarily, of your own free will. So there is no legal basis which means the manufacturer can’t do what they want. So if you take the car to the authorized workshop and the manufacturer refuses to cover the costs at the end of the repair, you will be out of luck. In the end, the customer only has one choice Free workshop And I hope the good fortune is that the manufacturer offers him, however, an adequate cost share. By the way, it can be worth it the customer himself Contact the manufacturer and arrange for prior clarification.

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