That is how Spain is now combating sexist video games for youths

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This is how Spain is now fighting sexist games for kids

Doll ads mostly target girls.

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Spain bans stereotypical child play and wants to empower girls. More and more countries are putting an end to “sexist advertising”.

Madrid. Glitter plush unicorn dolls for girlCars and action figures Youth – This should be the end of it in Spain. The Spanish government, which has more women than men and is one of Europe’s pioneers in gender equality policies, has to fight gender equality toy call.

advertisementWhich targets girls only or boys only, is forbidden in the future. Reason: one-sided advertising where children are persuaded that there are female or male toys sexist.

That’s what Spain’s Consumer Protection Minister Alberto Garzon thinks. Sees root stereotyped games unfairness between the sexes. He says today’s games will shape tomorrow’s society.

Advertising for dolls should also attract boys

“Play knows no sex,” Garzon says. The 36-year-old, father of two daughters, was able to secure a binding agreement with the umbrella organization for the national game industry through gentle pressure. an agreement close. Manufacturers are obligated to declare gender-neutral products. “In the future, advertising will contribute to equality between boys and girls,” Garzon says.

Perhaps the most important Al-Qaeda From this convention: “Discrimination between games for boys and girls only is prohibited.” So in Spain, no more pink bibs.”A princess‘, and blue with the inscription ‘Little genius.’ Any game, whether it’s a pram or a racetrack, should be advertised in a gender-neutral manner. Also interesting:Spain fights plastic – now also in restaurants

Garzon thinks further. Moreover sex From playing is prohibited in the future. This includes, for example, clothing or presentations that are advertised as “sexy”. Barbie dolls. It is also no longer permissible to glorify violence when advertising for action figures. The agreement applies to all game ads aimed at children under the age of 15.

The minister says he had to act. A survey conducted by the Catalan Broadcasting Council showed: in 87 percent of Commercials Girls only appear for dolls, while boys are almost always explorers, adventurers and raiders in advertisements.

Lego no longer wants to rank toys

“If we convey to girls by declaring that their games are primarily concerned with their care and care, then ultimately we are telling them as a society that they must also devote themselves to these tasks as adults.” Like cliched phrases Not equal, but the classic distribution of roles between man And Women promotion.

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Not only Spain, more and more countries and companies no longer tolerate vulgar contributions. in the United StatesCalifornia Toy stores larger than a certain size should offer separate shelves or a section with gender-neutral products. Danish company Puzzle Games Last fall, she announced that she no longer wanted to rank her toys around the world according to girls and boys.

The Spanish initiative met with broad public approval in what was once a traditional country. Spain has in recent years under the Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez To become a leader in the fight against Discrimination Of the women who are against them macho culture and development for equality.

Minister Alberto Garzon, who campaigned against frequent consumption of meat and excessive sugar intake during his presidency, knows of course that his approval is well-intentioned. Weak points she has. Because it does not include electronic video, console and mobile games With them, who play an increasingly important role in the world of children and youth. However, agreement with the national game industry is the trend in Europe. He says few countries have been as consistent as Spain.

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