SYMPTOMS, CHANGE, AND COSTS – A worn tie rod finish!

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What are the signs of a worn tie rod end? When is change necessary and how much does it cost? We have the information! Tie rods consist of a pivot joint and one tie rod end (tie rod end piece) together or together. It serves as a connection between the router and the steering knuckle. age related Marks of consumption It can ensure that its tasks are no longer performed reliably. But what indicates the end of a worn tie rod? rumbling sounds When driving on bumpy roads such as cobbled or Unevenly worn tires Serious symptoms. Other signs noise appeared (Mostly metallic and clicking) when rotating to a standstill, at “Run” at the steering wheel or on the bike or a Twisted steering wheel.

What are the defects that resemble a broken tie rod end?

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First, it must be clarified if A defect at the end of the tie rod is really the trigger. Wheel play can also be caused by a worn wheel Ball joint / guide device or damaged tie rod. The important question is: Can you continue driving despite a defective tie rod end? If you are in doubt about a worn out tie rod tip, you should As fast as possible Visit a workshop. First of all, an accurate diagnosis must be carried out there, because body defects pose a great danger to you and other road users. The worn tie rod end also results in unevenness and/or increase tire wearwhich is related to the corresponding costs of new tyres. And what about passing the main inspection with the end of a defective connecting rod? The worn end of the tie rod is a big shortage and leads to Will not pass The main investigation.

Should the tie rod end be repaired or replaced?

tie rod end I can not To be fixed, that’s why only one they change of the defective part. Also, used auto parts are not recommended because age and wear are not visible and the tie rod end is safety related. For a change, the car is the first in lifting platform Raised to allow disassembly wheel It can be done on the affected side. Then relaxation Lock nut on pivot joint to remove tie rod end from steering knuckle To replace. This can with Voltage increase If the end of the tie rod is stuck inside the tie rod, for example due to rust. In the worst case, it must also be bent, so that the mandatory replacement of the connecting rod cannot be avoided. Since it hardly causes any extra work, wheel alignment is necessary after the shift anyway, right after Axial joint exchange And the steering cover around it makes sense.

The cost of changing the tie rod end

The cost of a new tie rod tip is approx From 20 to 150 euros. Well-known manufacturers of spare parts include Meyle, Lemforder, Febi Bilstein and TRW. Changing the tie rod end is relatively quick. The exchange usually takes no more than half an hour to an hour. At a rate of €100 per hour, labor costs fall between From 50 to 100 euros at. Since there are lane changes as part of the changeover, axle sizing must be done including any adjustment work thereafter. Depending on the amount of effort involved, most workshops charge an additional fee From 50 to 200 euros. In general, this results in Total costs from about 130 to 450 euros.

What is the significance of tie rod and tie rod end?

one of one pivot joint and one tie rod end The existing tie rods connect the steering gear to the steering knuckle. When turning the wheels, the rotational motion of the steering wheel is transmitted through the steering column and steering spindle to the steering gear and from there through the connecting rods to the wheels. Another name for tie rod end is “tie rod end pieceThere are usually two ends of the tie rods on the vehicle (One left and one right on the front axle) installed. In exceptional cases, four track rail ends (push rods) installed. Change on both sides – if the above symptoms occur on one side only – Not always required, but is generally recommended. Often the wear appears first on the right side, because the quality of the road surface is lower at the edge of the road. The service life of the connecting rod tip depends on the load. For example, if you frequently drive over cobblestones, you have to expect that the ball head will deflect faster.

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