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As temperatures rise and the sun is showing on its best side, more and more drivers are taking their motorcycles out of the garage. Most motorcyclists have lost heart because they use two wheels and care about them so much. With the various tools, it also enhances the driving pleasure and useful accessories are often put to good use. So, for example, smartphone owners can always monitor their mobile phone while driving, they equip their wheels with a mobile phone holder for motorcycles.

Motorcycle helmet headphones make it easy to connect

Motorcycle helmet bluetooth headphones are part of the constant equipment of many drivers, which should not be missing on any ride with a two-wheeled bike. They can be used to listen to music or make phone calls as needed. Models with an intercom function are ideal for communicating with passengers on a tour. Noise canceling headphones ensure good acoustics even in strong headwinds or noisy traffic. Of course, it is always important to pay attention to distraction-free driving and road safety. In principle, it is not forbidden to listen to music while riding a motorcycle, but in the event of an accident it can have a negative effect on the assessment of blame.

Action cameras capture beautiful memories

Enthusiastic drivers drive their bikes with heart and soul. In order to be able to share tour impressions with others, many motorcyclists like to record their rides with a video camera. An action camera, which can be purchased at any extreme sports retailer, is ideal for this. This camera has an extra robust body and can produce high definition and high quality recordings even at high speeds and during adventurous maneuvers.

Since these camera models are usually attached to a motorcycle helmet, it is recommended to purchase a suitable mount. This camera can be connected to a smartphone via cable or via the built-in Bluetooth function. This makes sharing videos with friends and family quick and easy.

Anti-theft protection via the app

As a rule, motorcyclists take good care of their motorcycles, but despite all the caution, they often end up with theft. Every year, two-wheelers in the four-digit range involuntarily change owners, which, of course, is more than just a nuisance to the owners. However, there are small devices that can have a protective effect on theft. These usually have batteries that have a very long runtime and do not need to be connected to the onboard electronics, which means nerve wires aren’t necessary.

These devices always include a SIM card, which ensures that the extremely accurate location of the motorcycle is transmitted via GPS coordinates to the associated application at all times. An alarm signal notifies you as soon as you move the two wheels. As the motorcycle owner, you receive a wireless key as an information messenger for the device so that a false alarm is not triggered.

Smartphone gadgets are perfect as gifts

Often times, you have no idea what to give your loved ones on Christmas or their birthday. If you know a passionate motorcyclist, you should now find inspiration for your next present. Every motorcyclist is sure to be delighted with these tools.

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