Paint Injury Restore: That is the way you get the worth of your automobile

The right tool for all kinds of scratches, streaks and swirls

It is important that you choose the right tools and methods for a successful car paint repair. Hard wax is often wrongly applied based on the belief that this can also remove scratches. This work step is counterproductive, because hard wax protects not only the coating, but also scratches.

Microfiber cloths, polishing cotton, cotton rags

Microfiber cloths, polishing cotton, rags

In principle, it does not matter whether you are scratching with a microfiber cloth, cotton polish or a cotton swab. The results of the work are almost identical. However, polishing cotton produces an unnecessarily large amount of waste that can be avoided. Cotton clothes are usually no longer suitable for further use after the repair is completed, and therefore also end up in the trash. Microfiber towels are easy to wash and reuse. In addition, it has a slightly rough structure, which is ideal for manual polishing of car paint.

polishing machine

Polishing machine and eccentric polishing machine

Polishing machines are a real help, especially in large areas or if you want to make the entire car look extra shiny. However, there are differences here: the so-called rotary polishers perform only the function of a rotating polishing wheel. As a result, experience is required to successfully work with these devices. A little carelessness is enough and deep streaks or swirls have formed in the paint that are difficult to remove.

The so-called eccentric polishing machines are much easier to operate and handle. Here, the polishing pad not only rotates, but also performs eccentric movements, so that a uniform coating is automatically created. Both types of devices can be equipped with different polishing attachments. For polishing, that is, to remove scratches, foam polishing pads, those with a microfiber cover or those with a sheep’s wool cover are especially suitable.

Polishing and grinding paste

Polishing and grinding paste

Pure polishes are suitable for polishing scratches, stripes, swirls and holograms. These contain small abrasives that dissolve the paint in the decimal micrometer range thus creating a new, closed coat. Some modern products also contain nanoparticles that absorb paint color and fill in scratches.

Grinding paste should only be used for coarse scratches. Their grinding particles are relatively coarse and thus remove large amounts of paint. If you polish a lot, the primer will quickly appear and then the entire surface will have to be painted.

Touch pens and similar products

paint sticks

The crater of a volcano can be drawn with a touch stick. After the paint has completely dried and hardened, which can take up to 10 days depending on the product, the repair area is sanded down to give a uniform finish.

Multifunctional products and car candles

Car wax and other factors

Some manufacturers offer polishes and waxes in a combination product, often with nanoparticles and other agents as additional ingredients. These products are fine as long as the car paint is not damaged. However, these agents are not very suitable for repairing damage to the painting work, since a gradual approach is required to obtain a good result.

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