Our vendor buys a used Tesla Mannequin 3 at greater than new worth>

This is a thorn in the side of the new federal government, which is why they are said to want to extend the holding period for their high electric car purchase premium – but we decided in advance to sell our Model 3, which wasn’t even a year old. Because we were pretty satisfied with that, but the larger Model Y indicates that, and the fact that we were immediately offered €50,500 for the Tesla pickup certainly didn’t hurt. It has now been sold – after several more attempts even for €51,000. That’s €30 more than we paid for it in March 2021, including delivery fees, and the €6000 environmental bonus can be considered a plus after eleven months with the Model 3.

There are many ways to sell a used Tesla

The first bid of €50,500 for our Tesla Model 3 came from March 2021 with nearly 20,000km from the well-known portal Turning back, we could have accepted it right away, but firstly it was not binding at first, and secondly it awakened our salesman instinct. So we also introduced the electric car on, eBay classifieds, Danish dealer and Huk-Autowelt.

Virtually nothing happened on eBay – despite 546 calls, there was no inquiry about our Tesla, which we put as a classified ad with many pictures and an accurate description for 51,000 euros. After all, there are free ads. On the other hand, with you pay 25 euros for this price range, and we invested another 10 euros to get a fake phone number. At least it turned out to be a good investment, because there were no serious offers from this portal either, but there was a caller in whose hands we would prefer not to see our real phone number. Otherwise we were faced with the famous internet question about “last price” and three attempts to find out our email address.

At the same time, we booked an appointment with Huk-Autowelt, which, according to internet forums, should be a good way to sell a Model 3 (just like other used cars) in Germany. In theory, this is very simple, by booking an appointment with a local appraiser, appraisal of the vehicle on the spot and immediately quote the purchase price. But in practice it did not work. We flew there at the agreed time, but met a staff member who was annoyed at breakfast and told us there was no appointment. To prove it, he displayed his calendar, which was actually empty for our time and the rest of the day as well. Still haven’t found time for our Model 3.

Form 3 is now followed by Form Y.

After another attempt via email at (a tip from the Facebook group), which was answered well but with an unsatisfactory offer, our Tesla Model 3 ended up on During an on-site visit after the initial online evaluation, a noticeably pleasant employee looked at the car and found a small gap on the hood. The price should still be €51,000, which is €500 more than before, as we found out just two days later via email. According to the employee, the auction that started at the same time over 72 hours could have brought in more, but for us it stayed that way.

Last Tuesday dispatched smoothly and quickly, but the money didn’t come until Thursday – no drama, but waiting for such a large amount can make you nervous. But now there’s €51,000, and our Tesla Model 3 can be followed through with the Model Y. Regardless of possible changes in German environmental premium law, we intend to keep it for no more than six or even twelve months.

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