Faulty Glow Candle Management Module / Glow Time Management Module? the knowledge!

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How do you identify the defect in reality? Glow Control Module / Glow Time Controller What are the pending repairs and costs? We have the most important information! As a compression ignition engine, a diesel engine does not require any spark plugs to ignite the fuel-air mixture compared to Otto engines (= “petrol engines”). Instead, diesel engines are equipped with glow plugs, which ensure that the temperature in the combustion chamber is high enough during cold start. In many car models, the glow plugs are controlled by a separate one Control unit (pre-flow controller/relay). In addition to a malfunction of the electrical control unit, possible triggers for a malfunction of the preheating control unit are also the ingress of water.

Defective signs!

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Serious symptoms are obvious Longer engine start or a Bad start and smoking diesel engine. Also a vehicle operating at low temperatures no longer startsas well as a Rough engine start They are classified as typical symptoms. Other clues reinforced a nail After launch plus one continuous or never The glow plug lamp lights up in the instrument cluster. What other problems can be confused with a damaged glow plug control unit? During the workshop diagnosis, it must first be determined whether there is really a fault in the spark plug control unit. Besides, he must error memory to read.

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Because behind the above signs is one too broken glow plug It can get stuck, experts have to deal with one first resistance test Verify correct operation of all glow plugs. Of course, another defect in the electronics could also be responsible for the problem. This can, for example, damage the voltage source from the control unit or the cable between the glow plug control unit and the glow plugs. Both problems should be ruled out as the cause. And whether main inspection It is passed though there is a defective glow plug control module, which depends on whether there is one Error memory error there or not. If so, it’s mostly wrong Related emissions. With such a huge deficiency, it unfortunately comes as a result Will not pass The main investigation.

Repair or replace the glow plug control unit?

If the diagnosis speaks of a defective glow plug control unit, then it can be replaced with a new one. Depending on how high the buying effort and new parts costs, it might also make sense to use one Repair to consider. Another option can be used auto parts which Verification Sold. By the way, the voltage required to change is highly dependent on the design of the motor. On some models, the glow plug control unit is located directly on the fuse box, while on others it is necessary to painstakingly dismantle other accessories. On some vehicles, the spark plug control unit is placed approx Behind the intake manifold. Such a change can be about three hours to benefit from. Finally, the new console still has to be taught to some genres.

How much does a new glow plug control unit cost?

Material costs for a new part usually vary between 50 and 500 euros, which of course also depends on the car model and the manufacturer of spare parts. Well-known manufacturers of spare parts include Bosch, Beru and Hitachi. like spending time between 15 minutes and 3 hours manufactured in . At a rate of €100 per hour, labor costs are up to From 25 to 300 euros. In addition, the costs of the diagnostic effort must be accounted for. In general, the price range of the total costs is relatively high and can From 75 to 800 euros In addition to diagnostic costs, which are paid in accordance with the individual time required.

The following note is necessary: For safety reasons, tuningblog recommends all repair, inspection and maintenance work exclusive In a specialized workshop! Although our information is summarized to the best of our knowledge and belief, we cannot take any responsibility for the content. So all information is “without warranty”.

Of course that was far from that!

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