Driver’s tip: Test the TÜV label shortly – in any other case it is going to be actually costly

Every two years, TÜV is owed on the vehicle.

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Anyone who has their own car in Germany should ensure its safety. This is why a TÜV test is worth every two years.

Are all lights and brakes working, are the tires and engine ok? In Germany, all cars must undergo regular checks. Therefore trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles and trailers are inspected at certain intervals by TÜV as part of the main inspection. Like* Reported, so all drivers should know how to properly read the TÜV label *.

Because as the year turns into 2022, there have also been rule changes and innovations for drivers*. Every driver should know this. In addition to the expanded first-aid kit equipment * and the change in the law, after which some driver’s licenses gradually lose their validity *, the color of valid TÜV stickers has also changed.

Check the TÜV Label: These colors are valid in 2022

The color of the TÜV badge always indicates the year the vehicle’s TÜV will expire. In 2021 this was still yellow. So, if you still have a yellow sticker on the rear license plate of your car, you should go to a public inspection urgently. Red/brown and pink are currently valid. It indicates that the Ministry of Commerce will end in 2022 or 2023.

But what really happens when the TÜV is bypassed? Basically, HU should not be exceeded. explain it TÜV North on his homepage. Accordingly, the car owner is responsible for meeting the established deadlines. However, anyone who drives with an excessive TÜV should expect penalties. These things get succulent the longer the HU is due.

  • TÜV has expired for more than 2 months: €25
  • MOT expired more than 4 months ago: 60 € and 1 point
  • MOT expired more than 8 months ago: €75 and 1 point

In principle, the main inspection of each car should be renewed after 24 months at the latest; A special regulation applies to new cars only. It should be checked for the first time after 36 months. According to, motorcycles and trucks up to 3.5 tons must be inspected by TÜV every 24 months, just like cars.

Check the TÜV label – losing HU can lead to serious consequences

In the case of rental cars, taxis and heavy trucks with a permissible gross weight, the time period between two TÜV appointments is further reduced. These vehicles must undergo a general inspection every 12 months to avoid a fine.

Aside from the fact that it is fundamentally important to always drive your own car to the TÜV on time, the lack of a public inspection can also have consequences other than fines and points in Flensburg. Among other things, novice drivers risk a so-called “B violation” if they are caught without a valid TÜV sticker. If they then tolerate another neglect, the probationary period will be extended and they must participate in an advanced seminar.

Attention drivers: a TÜV fit is especially important in the event of an accident

Insurance problems can also arise if drivers have an accident with a vehicle without a valid safety inspection certificate. Like In such a case, the insurance company stated whether the car owner acted grossly negligently.

2019 orange
2020 blue
2021 yellow
2022 brown red
2023 Pink
2024 green
2025 orange

So the insurance expert may come to the conclusion that the driver is partly to blame for the accident through “driving without a TÜV” – because the car “was not in technically perfect condition at the time of the accident” due to a lack of inspection. The result, for example, will be that the driver will have to pay at least part of the amount of damage caused to him to the insurance company due to negligence.

The TÜV poster has expired – there are also threats of tougher penalties

If the vehicle has been driven for a long time with an expired TÜV, the police can, at worst, turn off the vehicle. According to Allianz, this measure should prevent other road users from being at risk.

So it’s always useful to know all the current rules in road traffic – even the ones that not everyone knows * – not just because when in doubt, your life can depend on a TÜV-tested car. Because even those who, for example, cannot interpret the new street signs *, or do not know how to behave correctly at the yellow traffic light *, should expect heavy penalties when in doubt. * It is offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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