Design from Italy: the brand new Porsche 914 impressed by the Boxster

Architect and car fan Andrea Grotaroli from Italy plans to release a new version of the Porsche 914. The first generation Boxster (986) will serve as the basis.

Apparently, anyone working in a creative professional field often comes up with creative ideas in their spare time. At least that’s what happened to Italian architect Andrea Grotaroli when he looked into his well-stocked garage. The Porsche 914 and the first generation Boxster are on display along with a few other cars. That’s when the car fan came up with the idea to evoke a new interpretation of the VW-Porsche, which rolled off the production line in Osnabrück between 1969 and 1976, from the 986.

It was thought and done – a digital project of the modern mid-engine sports car has already been carried out so far that it is no longer difficult to imagine a real car under it. Grottaroli skillfully blends the classic lines of the 914 with the contemporary Porsche design language. For example, pop-up headlights give way to narrow LED lights, and at the rear a light strip extends across the entire width of the car. The Targa design, with its wide strut and of course a removable roof element, has been retained as an identification feature. In terms of airflow, it doesn’t look like a final decision has been made, because the side air intakes can’t be seen in all the photos.

Andrea Grotaroli

The Porsche 914 (pictured above right) rolled off the assembly line in Osnabrück between 1969 and 1976.

Six-cylinder or electronic machine

But it may also be because Andrea Grottaroli can imagine different engine concepts for his creation. According to the architect, the new version of the 914 could be powered either by a six-cylinder Boxster 986 or by a purely electric motor. “For now, my plan is to ride a bike for once,” said a Turin resident. However, he has not yet revealed the preferred engine concept.

Presentation of the project design for the conversion of the Porsche 914 Boxster

Andrea Grotaroli

The design does not have side air intakes in each photo.

The designer devoted himself to the interior of the Boxster convertible with the same sensitivity. As on the 914, there are three round instruments in front of the steering wheel, including a speedometer in the middle as an analog element. The two external instruments are designed as displays, and the same is true for the remaining controls in the cockpit. Instead of switches and buttons, there are two touch screens placed one above the other, embedded in the carbon décor. It was not yet predicted when the draft would make the leap from the digital world to the real world. But one thing is clear: We’re watching it.

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Refreshing to see Porsche enthusiasts come up with a project other than the 964-based restomod. The design of the new version 914 based on the Boxster 986 looks so real that it’s easy to imagine a real car underneath. The godfather, Andrea Grotaroli, plans to put a one-off on real wheels. However, it is still not clear when this will happen.

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