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What to anticipate on the twenty sixth Automotive Electronics Congress

automotive electronics conference

The Automobil-Electronics Congress returns to Ludwigsburg, where on June 28-29, 2022, automotive electronics and software decision makers will gather for their annual networking event.

Because of the pandemic, visitors to the 26th Automobil-Electronics conference this year will likely be at a distance again, but at least they will be seated in a traditional auditorium again. Due to the reduced number of participants due to distance, the organizer (SV Events in association with AUTOMOBIL-ELEKTRONIK) expects the conference to be sold out even earlier this year compared to previous years. (Photo: Matthias Baumgartner)

One thing right away: the various specialized lectures will once again provide the basis for intense discussions during the breaks, because this year high-level speakers will speak again at what is now the 26th Conference on Automotive Electronics – and this year’s Networking Conference will also take place Once again under the motto “the auto industry is on its way to the software-defined vehicle”. But while a very large number of CEOs were represented on the podium at the 25th Automobil-Electronics Conference (short: AEK) to celebrate the anniversary, this year – at the 26th edition of AEK – a significant proportion of the speakers will come from very high levels of business (CTO). , main departments – and heads of departments). The advisory board agreed that many points had been put in the right direction in the 25th cycle of electricity, but now it was a matter of using this strategic point to create more concrete projects. Now that the industry is of international standing, all speakers will give their lectures exclusively in English and subsequent question and answer sessions will be held in English.

#AEK_live again in Ludwigsburg

Of course, networking will again be the focus of the 26th Automotive Electronics Conference on June 28-29, 2022. As the conditions caused by the pandemic allow it again, AEK 2022 will once again be held at the traditional tried-and-tested location: while the Ludwigsburg Forum will work again As the venue for the conference itself, Decision Electric/Electronics-makers from the automotive industry will gather on the first evening of the conference at Reithaus Ludwigsburg to meet the traditional industry with technology companies and other companies related to cars.

Specifically, this year’s speakers represent their companies as CEO, Division Director, Chief Technology Officer, Software Director, General Manager Operations, General Manager Automotive, Division Chief, Member of the Research and Development Board, and Senior Vice President of Engineering.

The 26th Automotive Electronics Conference in Brief

The 26th International Auto Electronics Conference 2022: Major Auto Trends

  • 28+29 June 2022, Ludwigsburg
  • A network conference for decision makers in the automotive sector and for technology industries that interact accordingly with the automotive industry
  • The current main motto: The automotive industry is on its way to the software-defined car
  • More information about the conference

First Class Lectures at the 26th Automotive Electronics Congress

In more than 20 specialized lectures this year, speakers presented many different aspects of the software-defined vehicle On the stairs, where Oliver Bloom gave the opening speech. But even this opening speech will be slightly different from traditional conferences, because it will be relatively short, despite a very distinguished guest – Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG. In a later “unlawful conversation” (appropriate for the time of year without an open fire, but at least in a relaxed state of conversation) Oliver Bloom will then speak to Ricky Hody, Chairman of the AEK Advisory Board and CEO of FMT, on various topics currently affecting on the industry.

“The Key to the Software-Defined Car and How Bosch Uses the Classic and Modern Virtues” is the topic of the next lecture, which will be given by Matthias Bellin, Head of Multi-Domain Computing Solutions at Bosch. As the next speaker, Lars Rieger, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NXP Semiconductors, will give a briefing to the audience on “Smart Electronically Connected Vehicles (Connected Vehicles) and Their Digital Twin in the Cloud” before representatives from various OEMs, Tier-1s, Tier-2s And other industry giants as well as from the university environment come on stage. The exact program for #AEK_live can be found here. The conference’s LinkedIn channel provides up-to-date information.

This year, senior decision makers representing companies along the entire electronics/IT value chain – from China, Germany, France, Japan, Canada and the USA – will once again present information at AEK. Details can be found in the programme.

Semiconductor panel discussion

A highlight will certainly be the panel discussion on the topic “Semiconductors: The Foundation for the Software-Defined Vehicle”, in which representatives from the entire value chain will participate. This painting speaks of Magnus Östberg (Mercedes-Benz), Jens Fabroski (Bosch), Lars Rieger (NXP) as well as Calista Redmond (RISC-V International) and Dipti Vachani (Arm).

Author: Alfred Vollmer

Alfred Vollmer

(Photo: Hüthig)

Alfred Vollmer is not only concerned with technology per se in many aspects and details, but also with how this technology can be applied, applied and used reasonably in an economic and social context. Diplomat-Ing. He discovered his writing talent while studying electrical engineering, with over 30 years of industrial experience, he is a seasoned expert in European electronic press (auto) for electronics trade. He loves to ask detailed questions and does not lose sight of the environmental aspects. He was right in many of his predictions (electrical engineering), but sometimes very specific market mechanics also ensured that things would turn out very differently…

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