Tutorial on find out how to set up door lock pins in BMW!

BMW 2 door lock pins installation tutorial

A successful look doesn’t stop at the door pins, it goes on with the details. Although door pins on new cars have worn off somewhat, millions of older cars are still equipped with them. Many of the current cars are still equipped with it. For example BMW cars. The Munich-based company is one of the few manufacturers still using it. And now BMW has released a video on how the standard pins are pitted against those who have Brand M Performance can be replaced. Bolts are part of our extensive catalog of M accessories, and most components are also suitable for non-M models. Regardless of valve covers or LED lights for doorsIf you want, you can choose from several options to individually equip your own vehicle.

Mount M Performance Door Pins

And what exactly that looks like in the case of door lock pins appears in BMW’s “How To” series on YouTube. The video shows how to install the M Performance door pins. information: Pins are not generally compatible with all models, and the installation method can also vary from model to model.

The first task is to attach the bolts fitted at the factory to clean then the provider grip bar Stick and Pins To turn. Depending on the model, the screws can be easily unscrewed counterclockwise. Then simply pull the door handle to create opposite pressure and insert the M Performance door lock pins made of anodized aluminum and Ready!

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