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Many of us still know the do-it-yourself business of “I’ll help myself now” and “This is how it’s done” when it comes to car self-repair. This way you can save a lot of money and often spend a nice evening in the garage/workshop with your friends. Those were the days! But with newer cars, this is made very difficult due to the complexity of the built-in electronics. But many can still It is done independently and is inexpensive.

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However, proper tools and a bit of skill are required for this. The scope of what you can do yourself ranges from the simple Change oilChange the battery about replacing brake pedals To replace the damaged windshield wipers However, basic knowledge is always required. Changing lights and replacing damaged spaces are among the most common tasks people still do on their own today. However, even with supposedly easy tasks like changing lights, you quickly reach your limits in several vehicles. With European models, change is usually possible, but with foreign models such as Japanese or British it becomes more complicated. With luxury vehicles, special tools are usually required. You can also participate in vehicles Xenon or LED/laser light You can hardly do anything yourself, because the traditional halogen technology is no longer proven. In addition to the work we just mentioned, minor paint damage repairs and a wheel change are among the do-it-yourself classics. And the little things like filling the spaces with water are especially worth it from a financial point of view, because workshops often charge many times the price of the material.

Do it yourself is reaching its limits

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However, the plan for working on the car yourself can very quickly change to the opposite. After you have already invested time and money in the project, it is often necessary to engage a specialist workshop at the end because you have reached your limits. Often the workshop has to fix its “bullshit” before it can move on to the actual repair. It ends up being more expensive. That’s why you should Previously Think well , “What can I and what notThe price of materials for a cabin filter ranges from 20-40 euros on average. Installation depends on the costs of the workshop but you wish 150 to 200 euros. There is a lot of potential savings here if you make the change yourself. However, without manual skills, the boundaries are set quickly here. Good and cheap treatment can be a Self service workshop which rent full hourly or daily work platforms for which other mechanics often provide assistance.

Does DIY void the warranty?

In order not to unnecessarily jeopardize your car warranty, especially with newer cars, you should get your hands on the car within limits. Often this is even for a warranty receipt from the manufacturer requiredThat maintenance and repair work be carried out by the brand’s workshop. With a well-maintained checkbook with maintenance seals from the manufacturer, you can usually change the light bulb or filter yourself No problem. By the way, every vehicle owner is free to carry out maintenance and repair work for his vehicle or to do it as he likes. And the warranty claim will be too do not touch. Warranty means that the seller is responsible for defects in the car It was already there at the time of delivery. So it comes down to the damage that was already there when you bought the car. However, with rental vehicles, great care must be taken when self-repairs are pending. In general, this should be avoided in this case, since the tenant is usually obligated by contract to carry out all work in specialized workshops.

Electronic vehicle technology belongs to the specialists!

Today there are so-called diagnostic devices, which allow reading the internal error memory via the OBD II interface, for about 20 euros on the market. This way, the workshop visit can take place with a certain amount of preparation, saving time and money when troubleshooting. advice: In electric and hybrid cars, many parts are located under the sheet metal orange marked. This is to indicate the parts through which the current chat is high voltage area Float. Help here dangerous >> adjective It should be avoided at all. These tasks may only be performed by specially trained personnel in specialized workshops.

The following note is necessary: For safety reasons, tuningblog recommends all repair, inspection and maintenance work exclusive In a specialized workshop! Although our information is summarized to the best of our knowledge and belief, we cannot take any responsibility for the content. So all information is “without warranty”.

Of course that was far from that!

In this Tuning Blog category there are guides and instructions for common vehicle defects/repairs and for mounting accessories/tuning parts. Our articles explain in a simple way common defects and their corresponding repairs, as well as explain how the first signs of a defect become noticeable. In most cases, we also have preliminary guides for repair instructions in our repair instructions approximate Pending repair costs are listed. The goal of our subcategoryAuto Repair Manual“It is to create a knowledge launch for the next visit to the workshop with the initial advice. This may save you from tedious troubleshooting and small things can be done directly on your own. The same of course applies to the installation of accessories / tuning of parts. Here too, we would like to help with the implementation through the instructions and tips.There are many other posts about this as well.The following is an excerpt from the latter and here are all the previous instructables:

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