The B500’s interconnected velocity cameras reveal bike racers

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Baden-Baden is the first municipality in Germany to use two interconnected speedometers in an accident-prone section of the B500. What is the first balance sheet like?

Dual Speed ​​Cam: Two enforcement trailers have been running on the B500 in Helbingfelsen for two weeks.

Photo: Henning Zorn

Four motorcycles were among 170 objections to a two-week speed check on the B500 (Schwarzwaldhochstrasse) near Baden-Baden. Two trailers called enforcement trailers were first used to include motorcyclists. The city recently purchased one of these speed camera trailers for around €140,000.

The two devices were positioned at a point on the motorway between the Baden-Baden district of Geroldsoo and Plättig, which was particularly prone to motorcyclist accidents.

According to Mats Telpin, head of the city’s law and order department, speed cameras captured 166 cars in the two weeks, of which 145 road users received a warning and 21 received a fine.

The speed limit in this section is 50 kilometers per hour. According to Tilebein, the highest increase was a car with 84 things.

An important consequence is that the system is working.

Roland Kaiser / Mayor

Roland Kaiser is satisfied with the outcome of the two-week monitoring campaign. “An important result is that the system is working. We did it for the first time,” said the mayor (the Greens) when asked by our editors. Baden-Baden was the first municipality in Germany to connect two law enforcement trailers to identify speeding motorcyclists and demand payment.

The controls on the Black Forest Highway are primarily for prevention

So far, the city has used only one speed-checking device, which has only flashed cyclists from the front. Result: The license plate attached to the rear of the motorcycle cannot be registered and the vehicle owner cannot be identified. So it was not possible to punish the violations. However, two paired enforcement trailers provide photos of the back and therefore of the license plate.

Kaiser does not consider the fact that “only” four motorcyclists were caught as a failure. The two-week control campaign was used primarily for prevention. “Our primary goal is to reduce the number of accidents on the Black Forest Highway,” says the mayor.

In addition, the introduction of the Tempo 50 apparently means that many motorcyclists no longer find this section of the B500, considered one of Germany’s most popular racetracks, very attractive and avoid.

Paired devices can identify motorcyclists despite their helmets

Both devices will continue to be used on the Black Forest Highway in the coming weeks and months. Motorcyclists who drive too fast there have to reckon with not getting away with a check – even if they aren’t seen in a speed cam photo under their helmet.

In addition to number plates, enforcement trailers associated with the Municipal Enforcement Service and Police provide additional information to punish violations. Kaiser does not want to provide any details so as not to hamper the work of the investigation.

The mayor explains: Basically, the owner is in charge at the beginning. If he denies the offense, he must prove while paying a fine that he did not ride his motorcycle when the speed was measured.

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