That is the way you free your automobile from the crimson desert mud!

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Offline again desert dust It is common and leaves its mark on vehicles. The following article provides tips on how to wash your car afterwards. If you look at the sky in many places, you have seen yellow-red clouds for a few days. The impetus for this is the warm air coming from North Africa, which transports desert dust to central Europe and is known “blood rain“(It’s what it’s called when it rains from desert dust) it causes. That is why drivers have to deal with a light layer of dust on the car. Under no circumstances, you should simply wipe large grains of sand from 0.1 to 10 microns with a dry wash-style cloth. We also find washing without rinsing (Gary Din’s way) is an inappropriate variable in this case. But dry washing in particular works like sandpaper on a car’s paint and causes many small scratches.

Desert dust in Germany: how to do it when washing!

Desert dust can enter the car paint when the sun is shining burn inso timely removal is not only beneficial, but also Importance. However, washing and washing the car with a simple water hose is not allowed everywhere, so play it safe and drive to the nearest car wash to avoid unnecessary trouble. Use enough water when washing so that the dust is completely removed and the work is no longer working. Especially if you use a cloth to dry afterwards.

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When you’re done washing, it’s a good idea to wipe any hidden areas, such as gaps between doors or a gas hood, with a damp cloth. If the interior of the car also has desert dust, you can also clean it with a damp cloth. However, in order not to cause any harm, you must remove the cloth Always wash it with fresh water. You should be especially careful with the parts, as scratches can easily occur here. So you should get special chamois Use for cleaning.

Check the pollen filter after washing the car

After desert dust, the car pollen filter should also be checked. This should definitely be replaced when it’s full so that at some point everything doesn’t end up in the car. If you cannot do it on your own, you can easily seek help from a workshop. If you have your own garage, even better, because you can leave your car inside during the desert dust season and spare yourself the trouble of washing the car afterwards.

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Of course that was far from that!

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