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Job advertisements are news, journalists like to tell when their boss discovers them while they are studying job offers. This can be an excuse or sincerely intended, because in fact there is always interesting information on the employment pages of Tesla, for example. So it is not surprising that the giant German factory near Berlin is still looking for hundreds of employees. But last February, Tesla announced autopilot test engineer jobs in four European countries — and is now looking for someone to handle the political pressure for it.

Wanted a Tesla Lobby Member for Brussels

European customers are increasingly unhappy with Tesla’s autopilot system because it doesn’t appear to have received any major updates since it introduced the traffic light and stopped recognizing signs about two years ago. Many Tesla drivers in the US feel the same way. Beta testing with the improved FSD autopilot has been carried out mainly since October 2020. But, firstly, you only enter the test with a high degree of security, and secondly, even this is not a guarantee of the inclusion of the beta version.

FSD testing has now been extended to Canada, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has only made cautious announcements to the rest of the world. More recently, at the opening of the German Gigafactory in March, he said that the pilot program should come to Europe this summer. He explained without giving further details, but you must obtain the approval of the European Union authorities in advance. And the person that Tesla is now looking for on the web for the “EU Public Policy and Business Development, Vehicle Automation” section can help with this step.

The new job announcement caught the attention of German Tesla observer tesla_adri, who described it as “very important”. Because the position relates to the task of influencing the political and regulatory rules for autonomous and networked vehicles at the national, EU and UN level. This is intended to support Tesla solutions across Europe, as evidenced by the description. The company is clearly looking for someone to do a relatively classic lobbying job – yet another announcement at the end of March has already revealed that a regular PR position must also be filled at the German Gigafactory.

Autopilot is bound by UNECE rules

But the new automated pressure regulator they’re looking for may be even more important. Because, as CEO Musk explained in March, unlike the USA, you can’t just start with a beta test like the FSD test in the EU, it has to be approved in advance. Anyone with at least 5 years of political experience and preferably a Brussels resident can make this significantly easier. The above work is also needed at the UN-ECE level: at the end of 2019, Tesla restricted some autopilot functions in Europe and justified this with the specifications of this UN commission, which sets the transport rules for most countries on the continent and a few others. So, on that front, and with beta testing, things could move in soon if Tesla fills out the lobby area well.

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