Technical Profit Public sale: Proceeds can be donated to Ukraine

Spring Art Festival

Technical Benefit Auction: Proceeds will be donated to Ukraine

Selling Local Art for Ukraine: Charity Auction of the Artspring Festival at Schönhauser Allee Arcaden.

picture: Sergej Glanze / FUNKE Photo Services

Artwork by Pankow was auctioned off as part of the Artsspring Festival. Proceeds go to help Ukraine.

Berlin. 25 euros is the highest bid so far. Do I hear more? Three, two, one and sold ”, the auctioneer calls and closes the sale with the blow of a hammer. The huge model of eucalyptus candy – called Apocalyptus candy – goes to the highest bidder, who at the same time makes a small contribution to refugees from and in Ukraine by buying it.

At the 6th “Artspring Festival” in Pankow, the second day of the festival was used in a benefit auction: local art from Prenzlauer Berg and other parts of Pankow were auctioned at Schönhauser alle Arkaden and the proceeds were transferred to “Action Deutschland Helvet”, which donates “The organization seemed convenient to us, as the money is being used in different places.” Schönhauser Allee Arcaden added ten percent of the selling price for each donation made.

“When the Ukraine war started, different people called us and asked us to do something about it.” The participating artists also expressed their wish, so the charity auction was scheduled at short notice.

About 4000 euros for Ukraine

A total of about 115 artworks were collected between April 4 and 9 by local artists who recorded for the Open Studios Weekend – the closing of the art festival. Pictures of her can be viewed and purchased in the pop-up shop at Schönhauser Allee Arcades for a month, and were already up for auction on the Internet. A third lot was sold before the auction, raising 900 euros.

The motifs of the images vary, but few refer to Ukraine, as Lux in the colors of Ukraine turns towards the viewer. “Some artists recorded the topic specifically for the charity auction, while others produced something about it anyway because they were so interested in the topic,” Brodov explains. Together with sales on the Internet and during the auction of benefits, about 65 works were sold and collected almost 4,000 euros. According to the organizers, the after-sales process is not planned.

Pop-up shop as a space for local artists

The Artspring Festival was originally established to showcase local artists. Over the years it has grown into a longer festival, as reported by Brodauf. This improved the organization and opened up new opportunities.

Various artistic events will be held as part of the “Artspring Festival” until June 12th. About 340 artists participated. The pop-up shop on the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden will remain the “visual venue for the festival” until the next art festival in 2023. It will be available to local artists. “Especially in times of studio shortage, that’s of course a good thing for us.”

Read more news from Pankow here.

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