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Connoisseurs and fans of classic cars, boats, motorcycles and airplanes came to Motorworld Classics Bodensee 2022 in a nostalgic mood. Over a century of classic mobility has become an experience both indoors and outdoors at Messe Friedrichshafen. The 31,300 visitors from the Triangle of International Borders met over 600 exhibitors, clubs and participants to exchange ideas, talk, browse and have fun. “After two pandemic pauses, Motorworld Classics Bodensee 2022 once again delivers a powerful boost to the classic car scene. Messe Friedrichshafen, Managing Director, Klaus Wellmann, explains that our well-attended inaugural event at the trade show in May once again demonstrates the great power of personal encounters.

When many old and young people discern the views of the surrounding streets and in Friedrichshafen, Motorworld Classics is Bodensee once again. Many historical commuters have used the weekend of May 6-8, 2022 to arrive in their classic vehicles. A popular destination is the old car park in the outer area of ​​the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre. Project Director Roland Bosch says happily at the end of the show on Sunday. Our event proves to be something very different to offer classic car enthusiasts and young enthusiasts an on-site platform to understand classic vehicles with all their senses rather than clicking through online exchanges in search of a part or a vehicle. Exhibitor Heinfried Koselka, and owner of Klassik Garage Koselka also reached a positive conclusion: “I generally only visit one trade fair a year, Motorworld Classics Bodensee – it is very accessible and I loved the concept of the trade fair from the start. But due to the epidemiological break, there are fewer colleagues on site and many of them did not survive financially. I too was initially skeptical about whether it was worthwhile to show up at the trade show, but I’ve sold several cars and still definitely anticipate specific inquiries after the trade show.”

Whether in the vintage auto parts market, dealer center, private sale of vehicles, or club areas, interested conversations arose everywhere and visitors relived their memories. It was also nice to see this in the historical field. Among the old race start windows, participants prepared their classic motorcycles and race cars for their presentations on the exhibition’s 1.6 kilometer circuit. They proudly tell stories about their cars to a wide audience and many classic car friends broadcast only the sound and smell of the engines.

In addition to many specials with historic campground, flying classics or Riva boats, Motorworld Classics Bodensee offered a variety of classic navigation items for sale and experience in its eleven showrooms. Mercedes Club Leon Mast sums it up: “After a long drought caused by the Corona pandemic, we are pleased to be here and to be represented at the trade fair with eight Mercedes-Benz brand clubs from Germany. Here in Friedrichshafen, our new club concept celebrates its premiere with A joint appearance from a single source. Our presence in our booth was well received and we meet many visitors here who are interested and enjoy the Mercedes-Benz brand. The nice thing about this event is that you can experience classic cars while working here.”

In Friedrichshafen, not only have classic exhibits been on display for a long time, but an active leadership support program celebrates motorized cultural assets on event days. A highlight of the 2022 event is the Bodensee Klassik, where prominent participants and classic car enthusiasts set out from the exhibition center for their excursions into the surrounding area. The 14th edition of the International Trade Fair for Classic Mobility will take place in Friedrichshafen from 5 to 7 May 2023. More information at:

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