Shopping for Steam Deck: Ridiculous Costs on eBay

from Thelo Bayer
As early as July 2021, speculators are bidding on Steam Deck on Ebay – there are currently several successful auctions with absurdly high prices.

Work with Valve’s Steam mobile gaming platform (PCGH review) appears to be thriving. If you are currently looking for different editions on or on international Ebay sites, you will see offers at awesome prices.

Steam Deck: Moon Prices on Ebay

The offers on Ebay were almost expected to increase after Valve began shipping its first Steam decks at the end of February. It is not for nothing that Steam Deck is one of the best sellers on Steam. Corresponding eBay offers appeared as early as July 2021, when the first reservations could have been made, but Valve and eBay could still block them. On Ebay, all pre-sale listings must guarantee that the item will be posted within 30 days of purchase. Of course, this was not the case in the summer of 2021.

But now the first “real” products have reached customers and commerce on Ebay is already booming. No wonder, because Valve’s system limits supply – it takes a lot of patience to order the Steam platform today. There are many steps involved in purchasing Steam Deck. You first have to “book” a model for a small fee of €4, after which Valve will eventually send an email to the lockers so they can actually order a Steam Deck. Anyone who signs up for a reservation with immediate effect will only receive the email of their request after the third quarter, ie in October at the earliest.

Steam Deck: Horror Prices on eBay

Source: eBay

Of course, sellers on Ebay are taking advantage of this term “scalper” already starting the rounds. Currently you can find various offers for a steamer platform on or Ebay classifieds and the prices are exorbitant. You can easily pay €800 and more for the 256GB model which usually costs only €549. There are also clearer offers, so the 512GB model is currently available for €1299 for immediate purchase. That’s nearly double the regular price of €679. Internationally, you can also check out offers of up to $2,500. Sometimes photos of handcrafted products are used, sometimes only order confirmation from Valve with an inaccurate delivery date is used.

Would you use an exaggerated offer on Ebay or would you rather wait until the fourth quarter if you’re currently interested in the Steam collection? Use the comment function and tell us what you think. You must be logged in to or the Extreme Forum to comment. If you do not have an account yet, you can consider registering, which has many advantages.

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