QUIXX Multi Restore Wipes successfully take away grime from the automobile!

Clear bird droppings QUIXX Multi Repair

Finally a clean car again. The anticipation is great when entering the car wash. But great expectations are often disappointed when the car then, upon closer inspection, disappoints many ugly places that catch the eye. The new Multi Repair cloth from QUIXX (€3.99) can help. Do-it-yourself car surface repair experts offer many innovative products made in Germany. Developed by specialists from Neuried near Munich, the Multi Repair cloth comes in a compact, double-featured soft package that also fits easily in any cockpit storage compartment. So it is always there when you need it.

COEX Multi Repair Wipes

Some of the dirt on the car paint proves to be more stubborn than any car wash brush. Bird droppings, tree sap, “tar spots”, rust films, paint residue from light parking bumps or even fine scratches – there are many causes for an unattractive “paint finish”, which often remains visible even after washing. They are likely to be accompanied by water spots, which are also not quite decorative, which can always be seen using an automatic drying cycle. The fact that the visual impression of a supposedly clean car afterwards remains vague in the truest sense of the word is only a minor problem. The paint on modern vehicles is often as thin as human hair these days, but with proper care, it can still protect the vehicle for the life of the vehicle. However, external damage such as bird droppings attack the paint and can certainly lead to permanent damage. Incorrectly removed but quickly unsightly scratches. Exorcism with Beelzebub is a common saying.

Practical wet wipes in a double pack

COEX Multi Repair Wipes Pack

“Fix it. Yourself!” is the motto of QUIXX. Like all products from DIY professionals, the Multi Repair Cloth (€3.99) has also been developed for successful use by Do-It-Yourself. Unsightly stains and small scratches disappear with the help of this innovative cleaning cloth on every vehicle in a jiffy – it couldn’t be easier. This ensures that the value is retained and thus the resale value of the vehicle increases. QUIXX provides a practical cleaning aid in an inexpensive double pack. The step-by-step instructions that are also included make it easy for any DIY craftsman to use it correctly and are guaranteed to get a great result in professional quality. It also saves a time consuming and expensive visit for a professional jointer.

QUIXX Multi Repair Wipe Display

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