Public sale of basic dream vehicles on Amelia Island

Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche: On March 5, RM Sotheby’s sold vintage and classic cars from eight decades on Amelia Island. The Testarossa tripled its estimated value and sold for around €300,000.

Auctions like the one taking place on Saturday, March 5, 2022 on Amelia Island, Florida, sometimes look like a very randomly assembled car museum: dream cars of all decades alongside everyday objects, multi-million dollar classics alongside priced cars. reasonable. But the price someone finally offers says nothing about the value a car can have. What is a dream car is determined not only by the estimated value or the maximum price. It can be completely subjective, money plays a secondary role. We’ve picked eleven potential dream cars from the collection offered by RM Sotheby’s. The choice is neither random nor objective. Cars from eight decades exist – from eight brands.

Aston Martin Vanquish S

Patrick Ernzen / RM Sotheby’s

Glengarry Gold is the color of the Aston Martin Vanquish S that will be auctioned at RM Sotheby’s on March 5 on Amelia Island.

Of course we have to talk about James Bond when it comes to Aston Martin. After all, the British secret agent is the most famous driver of this British brand. Pierce Brosnan is said to have gotten a Vanquish after driving one in 2002 Die Another Day – the three James Bond films before that had to dispense with an Aston Martin.

The Vanquish S was unsuccessful to buy at half the original price at the time during the auction on Amelia Island. Because the coupe made in 2005, with a sales price of 163,100 euros, greatly exceeded the estimated value of 110,000 to 135,000 euros. One reason for this may be the lower mileage: the 1,699 miles (2,718 km) correspond to that of a much-paid show car or a year-old car that has been looked after. That’s even the 528-hp S version, which, according to factory specs, can hit 200 mph. For these 320 km/h cars, they make much more noise than the noble racer from Newport Pagnell. By the way, the color is called Glengarry Gold and James Bond had to do without the S because the top model was first shown only at the Paris Motor Show two years after the movie premiered. If this is not a sufficient reason for wanting to acquire this car.

BMW 850 Csi

BMW 850 CSi (1993)

Todd Burnett / RM Sotheby’s

The BMW 850 CSi was sold for 198,700 euros on Amelia Island.

Compared to an Aston Martin Vanquish S or a Ferrari Testarossa, the BMW 850 CSi might not look particularly stunning even if it’s painted bright red. But the E31 that RM Sotheby’s auctioned off on Amelia Island in the first weekend in March is said to be the first 850 CSi to be delivered to the US and BMW has served as a press car. According to the description, the dispatcher acquired the coupe in 1998.

The S70’s 12-cylinder engine in the top-of-the-line E31 model gets 381 horsepower from the 5.6-liter, and is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. The BMW came with an estimated price tag of 175,000 to $225,000 (€160,000 to €205,000); It was sold with a premium of 198,700 euros.

Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa (1991)

Nathan Leech Proffer

Even in Nero, Testarossa looks no less dramatic than red.

Maybe because it’s not red. The Ferrari Testarossa in the Niro is no less dramatic than it was in Rosso. The Pininfarina stripes on this mid-engine sports car can’t swallow up the deep black either. It’s one of 266 American models Ferrari built in 1991, which is why the “320” on the end of the speedometer scale is only small, and the air scoop doesn’t necessarily adorn a third brake light. Forgive the black testarossa, because mileage is only four numbers if you give it in kilometers: 1,072 km or 670 miles. Instead of the expected €125,000-160,000, the previous sticker car in the 1980s fetched a selling price equivalent to just under €292,400 – double the estimated value.

For more dream cars from RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island auction, see the gallery. Including two models worth millions.

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A few years ago, it was inconceivable that an Aston Martin could be cheaper than a BMW 850 CSi. Nearly 300,000 euros for a Ferrari Testarossa shows that collectors are currently particularly interested in classic cars from the 80s and 90s. Without a doubt, the twelve-cylinder sports cars in this exact collection are among the most desirable of their time and among the most exciting at this auction.

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