Noise and frenzy: ‘We attraction to the minds of motorcyclists’

On Sunday, the city of Attendorn and Sauerland’s motorcycle friends invited a roadside dialogue. What are the regulators all about?

Heldener Straße between Attendorn and Repetal is popular with motorcyclists. Unfamiliar cyclists love showing off what their high-horsepower bike is made of on a winding 697 country road and letting the engines roar. As in other places in Sauerland, there are dangerous stands and encounters on the road, and residents complain about traffic noise. It is no coincidence that on this sunny Sunday the Hanseatic town of Ettendoorn was invited to meet with a motorbike at the LEWA car park located on Heldener Strasse.

Aoi Huo is familiar with conflicts and does not try to smooth out problems. Werdohler is the first president of the Sauerland Motorbike Friends team. With his association founded in 2018, Hoh, who makes his money as a driving instructor, tries to reduce and explain the number of accidents to motorcyclists through campaigns and media events, such as at Attendorn. “We want to engage the minds of motorcyclists to ride a bike wisely and thoughtfully,” says the head of the 40-strong Motorbike Friends Sauerland team. At the same time, drivers should develop an understanding of the people who live along the roads. “We try to engage both parties in the dialogue without bias,” says Ue Hoh, summarizing his goal.

There are black sheep

With Harald Hütte falls on open ears. The 71-year-old from Attendorn has been riding a motorcycle since 1980. He points proudly to his 25-year-old Yamaha TRX 850. “I’m old too,” smiles Hütte, who used to work in Attendorn. Even as a retiree, Hütte loves to go out on his motorcycle in Sauerland. He describes his driving style as “I’m a normal driver”. Of course, the Hanseatic resident knows that there is a black sheep among motorcyclists and does not hide his opinion. “I still see drivers racing like crazy. These idiots need to be taken out of circulation,” the pensioner has absolutely no understanding.

At the same time, Harald Hütte considers road closures to motorcyclists only, such as L 687 (Lenscheid) from Rönkhausen towards the district border, “total nonsense”. And for several reasons: “Then they drive somewhere else. We bikers pay taxes too. After all, no one would think of blocking a street for cars if they were racing there. We bikers don’t throw cigarettes or any other trash out the window either” .

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Road closures to motorcyclists only is a red rag for Ui Huh. “This only changes the problem, not solves it,” says Werduhler, who has only been riding a motorcycle since 2012. “You shocked me late, but hard.” With his Sauerland motorcycle friends, the chairman was one of the organizers of a big test ride two years ago in Neuenrad, when hundreds of cyclists protested against the driving ban and potential road closures on Sunday. “Most people drive rationally,” Huo said. This includes Berthold Siebenfeld, one of the organizers of the 7th Motorcycle Meeting as part of the Fire Brigade’s Attendoorn Festival.

Dirk Wilhelm came to the LEWA car park next to the ARAL gas station with the whole family. The guy from Attendorn had a constant noise of his 22-year-old Moto Guzzi measured on a Moto eV regulated canopy platform. “Values ​​have their limits,” says Annika Schmidt. The Essen native is the vice president of the association and would like stricter controls and better police training to pull more black sheep among the motorcyclists out of circulation. So far, this has failed due to politics. Moto Guzzi driver Wilhelm is now thinking about how to reduce the noise level. “Nothing to be tampered with. TÜV has not filed any complaints, and the motorcycle has been technically approved.” He has been a passionate motorcyclist for a quarter of a century, and his wife also drives. They take their children with them on trips.

The Olpe Traffic Safety Center will also set up a stand at the meeting at Attendorn. “To some extent, these are also our customers. We want to make the streets safer,” General Manager Michael Springup reports. Each year, between 800 and 1,000 motorcyclists complete driving safety exercises at Griesemert. Excursions are also available in the area.

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