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A few months ago, an intervention in a forest in the municipality of Gmund caused problems. Condominium operator Jupp Brenner wanted to make it easy for his guests to enjoy views of the mountains and lake. But society now wants to take action.

There are still some points of contention about Jupp Brenner’s new apartment building in Gmund

Gmund, the gateway to the Tegernsee Valley, has mostly escaped stories of mega-hotels and real estate scandals that often cause problems for other communities. Oligarchs, businessmen and dictators prefer to settle in the south. But in February of this year, the quiet lake community also made headlines because of a tourist construction project.

The owners of a newly built apartment building on the corner of Tölzer Straße and Dr. Perhaps the Kober Weg meant a little too well for its guests with a “great view of the mountains and lake”. For this purpose, a piece of forest 15 meters wide and only 10 meters long was reconfigured into an open space. Not on purpose, as confirmed by Jupp Brenner as owner of the forest and vacation apartments. However, with “complete deforestation” he created facts that simply cannot be reversed.

The municipality demands Jupp Brenner

The arbitrary action caused a lot of trouble in the community. At the spring citizens’ meeting, clear talk was also a topic again, as was the last commune meeting. In particular, “replanting” and “parking in the wild” moved people’s minds. Mayor Alphonse Bissell promised to check the situation again and take action if possible. Now it seems the time has come. At our request, we received the following information from Besel:

The municipality is demanding that the property be returned to its natural state so that the forest can be approached and rebuilt. We also demand the dismantling of parking spaces.

The Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (AELF) in Holzkirchen has forced the property owner, the mayor explains, to manage the property in such a way that the typical forest vegetation can develop back in time. If the property owner uses the property differently, the municipality will, Bissell continues, contact the lower building watchdog to enforce the specifications. Society is not ready to accept violations of the law in this regard.

No more outdoor parking spaces

The apparent demand for “parking space cutbacks” is surprising. Kristen Wilde, head of the Gmund Building Authority, can explain the intended parking spaces. Because it’s at the Dr. At the bottom of the Kober Weg is an open space along the road that was newly created by clearing. On the other hand, there are a few parking spaces for guests of the Ansitz Brenner apartment house in the loft area of ​​the property. Wilde explained that “as a result” all parking spaces were allocated.

In the upper area, cars are parked in the parking spaces. In the foreground are the cars on the unpaved shoulder that belong to the forest area.

“Even the parking spaces, which have been carpeted with grass for a long time, are outside and have only been tolerated until now,” adds the head of the building authority. After the demolition, the municipality wants to prevent “unruly situations,” Wilde adds. When asked about the demands of the community, Jupp Brenner initially responded with a surprise:

This is impossible. I don’t know anything about it. I can’t hear about this from the press nor am I told by the community.

For Brenner, the question of disassembly has not yet arisen, he asserts. Even when he bought the house in 2003/2004, the area was used as a car park by the residents. “Neighbours marked their parking spaces with their license plates.” And when he then also bought the forest property in the context of the new building on Tölzer Straße, they took over the parking spaces as well. “We provide parking spaces for our guests who do not want to park in the underground car park.”

But, Brenner explained, it also gave all residents the right to continue parking there. The landlord does not understand why the municipality, after 20 years, is demanding the dismantling of the parking spaces. By the way, he already complied with the requirement in April to return the newly acquired garden space during the restructuring to the traditional forest presence.

We commissioned a forestry company Mr. Feist of AELF recommended to implement the planting plan.

The lawn is planted only on two meters directly in front of the southern balcony, and behind it begins a meadow of wildflowers with new trees. AELF’s Feist transplant campaign cannot confirm this to us. He has not returned to the site yet, the expert tells us when asked. However, in the next few weeks, Feist wants to get an accurate picture of the situation on Dr. Cooper Wiig.

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