No key there? That is the way you break into the automotive!

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Have you left your vehicle key in the car and locked the vehicle itself for any reason? Or does Grandpa finally deliver the old barn but doesn’t have the keys anymore? Having a professional unlock the car to get back inside can be costly. Five minutes of work by a professional can cost €100 and more, although it’s not really that difficult to break into a car, whether it’s using a Manual or automatic lock or through trunk. Here are some “free methods” that act as alternative ways to smash the window to get the key back.

Solution No. 1: Breaking the automatic or electric lock

Auto Break Open Slim C Wedge Open Vehicle E1648713662995

Use a tool that doesn’t damage the car but manages to make a slit in the door to get a long stick on the lock button and turn it on. It sounds rude at first, but it’s basically exactly what a locksmith will do first, only if you do it yourself it won’t cost you 100€ in 5 minutes. The only thing you need for this is the proper stick and peg.

The possibilities are:

  • The thinner the wedges, the better. Spoon or door stop good. It is best to just open the door far enough to insert the rod, the locksmith will use a balloon for this and then pump air to make the necessary gap.
  • Loosen car antennas or straight wire ties are as good as rails. To improve thrust, the shackle can be doubled (if it is long enough) to have better access to the lock button. You will likely need pliers or a vise to straighten the hanger. If you don’t have a manual hanger, you can use any other tool that is narrow and long enough to go through the gap of the window and hit the close button.
  • If you are not in a hurry, you can order such a balloon online for little money.
  • You have to open the door, sorry. Try installing a door rail or other wedge-shaped device in the gap between the vehicle and the top of the door (between the door frame and the roof rail). You should use the heel of your hand to firmly press the wedge into the door/car area (maybe with a rubber mallet).
  • To protect the car’s paint from damage, you can cover the wedge with a cloth or felt surface before you begin.
  • If there is a gap, a rod can be inserted. The wedge created a gap between the door and the car, so you could insert the wand into the gap to get the lock button.
  • Press the button and unlock the car. It may take a few tries, but use the stick to press the button as hard as you can. If the button does not work, try pulling the door unlock switch. This may require you to reconfigure the staff accordingly. Is it vehicle? start button, then try pressing it. The ignition should be operated normally. Then try pressing the door unlock button again.
  • If you did, you opened your car victoriously.
  • Open the door now and get your key.

Solution #2: Choose manual lock

Auto Breakdown for Slim Jim E1648713615711

Hold the lock (door latch pin) by a coat hanger. If you want to break into a car with a manual lock, the difference here is that you have to manually pull the lock pin to get into the car. Here you have to follow the same instructions as in point 1. So you have to hit a wedge between the door and the car, then use a stick to carefully pull the button across the created space and unlock the car.

  • Just pressing the button is easier, but picking up a pin is more complicated. This requires a curved ring that slides over the lock button to trap the head, then pulls up to unlock the vehicle. This may take a few tries.
  • Could you have one too Jim Slim (Auto Locks Tool) Or make your own. Slim Jim is actually a lock tool used by the police to help open doors that have a manual lock. Here, too, one tries to create a wedge between the door and window rubber to gain access to the lock pin. Then you can pull it with a hook from the inside. If you have the ability to use Sim Jim, this would definitely be a faster solution.
  • Make your own Slim Jim by straightening the hanger and leaving only the end bent as a hook and the original. You may need to double the hanger to strengthen it, but you may need pliers or a vise to strengthen it.

This solution is not intended for vehicles with automatic windows and locks. In these, many cables are installed in the doors, which can break when trying to break into the car

  • It is better to take the passenger door. There are usually fewer cables installed on this side, which makes it easier to open.
  • The tool has been introduced. Find the black rubber door. It is located on the lower edge of the side window. You will find the locking mechanism at the same level as the lock, usually toward the back of the door.
  • To create a gap between the window and the outside of the car door, use your fingers to gently pry the window rubber band off. You can then place the straight hanger first, with the curved side in the gap between the window and the rubber band.
  • Now direct the hanger down. The coat hanger should slide a few centimeters into the gap without much resistance, so you can feel the pin.
  • If you have a car manual handy, you can get an idea of ​​where the lock pin is and how to get to it. However, if you wander blindly, you risk damaging the wires and cables in the door. So before inserting Slim Jim, you should know where the lock pin is. Videos Online can help.
  • Find the pin. Try moving the hanger into the gap until you feel the pin. To release the door lock, this pin must be drawn will. You can find it next to the inner door handle, about 5 cm from the window.
  • Carefully, then pull the pin toward the back of the vehicle. When you find the pin, tighten it and carefully pull it up. If you succeed, you will feel the movement of the pin and the door will open audibly. Then carefully pull the coat hanger and open the door to get your key.

Third solution: through the trunk

Find the emergency wire. If you’re lucky and the luggage compartment is opened, open it, look around and try to find the emergency wire. You can often find it hidden in the trunk lid or on the top of the trunk. Open the trunk towards the car.
You have to pull the thread. When you find the thread, pull it. By retracting, the rear seats open and, depending on the model, fall forward. In some sedans this is a common feature. Climbs. If the seats are loose, it is possible to move them forward. You can then climb through this gap to open the rear doors yourself from the inside. It is “downloaded through” installed. Then try to open it and then use a long tool to reach the door pin.


  • Be careful not to damage the paint when opening it.
  • Consider calling your locksmith before you break into your car yourself.


  • Car theft is a criminal offense. This manual is only intended for use in vehicles you own.

you need

  • wire or rod ties
  • Sharp-edged tweezers
  • Door barrier or wedge
  • Optionally a piece of cloth or felt to protect the paint
  • Maybe a rubber mallet

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