Learn how to get ants out of the automobile!

Ants in the car remove clean wax

Having ants in your car is definitely not the most fun thing imaginable. Driving with these really helpful little animals can quickly become torture when they crawl on floor mats and onto benches. A very thorough cleaning is the first step in fighting car ants. Then you can Taste, as in the apartment, to remove ants from the car. If you keep your car clean and free of crumbs or food debris, you don’t have to fear insects.

Thorough cleaning of the interior!

Car Wax Ant Removal Vacuum Cleaner E1646980087587

In the first step, all garbage must be removed from the car is removed. This includes food packaging, waste paper, notes, napkins, etc. the important is , There is no place to forget. As well as the glove box, cup holders, trunk – all these places must be cleaned of waste. a suitcase It is recommended to carry it with you as a small waste container for long trips. However, this should be emptied regularly or replaced with a new one. With Manual Vacuum Cleaner Using an extended nozzle, crumbs, dirt and other substances can be removed from even the smallest cracks. You should give yourself enough time to really clean everything up. Ants that get in your way can to be absorbed with. It is also recommended to take the mats out of the car for additional washing. If you don’t have a manual vacuum cleaner, you can also clean the car at gas stations or at car washes.

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Moreover Window The car must be well cleaned. To do this, dampen a piece of cloth All purpose cleaner And wipe inside windows and doors. Dirt and debris should be removed from door and window cracks. Using window cleaner, the panels are cleaned from the inside and stains from the cleaning process are removed. Seat belts, cup holders, cockpit and glove compartment should also be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner.

Ant bait and ant spray!

Both Ant baits One should undo these contain poisonWhich attracts and kills ants. These baits should be as small as possible to fit the vehicle. The taste must be odorless So as not to spread any unpleasant smell in the car. The bait should also be placed in the trunk, glove box, and on the floor. Most baits attract and kill creatures. When the grafts are filled, they must be replaced. Children and pets It should be kept away from the bait as it should not come into contact with the chemicals. The next step is to try to prevent the ants from getting back into the car. Small animals crawl inside the car on the tires, so it is recommended ant spray To spray on tires.

Removing ants in car cleaning bait

These may be nebulizers Not in the car They apply themselves, as they can have health consequences. One or two coats of ant spray should be applied to your tires every week to keep the critters away from your beloved vehicle. If you are facing a real ant infestation, find an anthill near the parking lot. It is also recommended here to use bait that kills animals before they return to the car. Again, children and pets should be kept away from baits so that they are not exposed to the chemicals. Until the anthill is eliminated, it is advisable to park the car in another place.

information: However, it is necessary to clarify in advance whether it is possible to remove the anthill at all or whether it should be moved. According to Article 69 of the Federal Law for Conservation of Nature, illegal removal can be punished with a fine of up to 50,000 euros.

How to avoid ants in the car!

Ants in the car remove clean leftovers

The best way to avoid car ants is to avoid anything in the car that could attract animals. Passengers should be asked not to eat anything in the vehicle. If you still want to eat something in the car, you should use a suitable bowl to avoid crumbs or other leftovers. The trash should be placed in a designated trash bag. Garbage should be removed on a daily basis and not left in the car overnight. It should become a habit to remove trash from the car every evening. This way ants cannot be attracted. If you park your car, you need to make sure that there are no ant colonies near you.

advice: Some types of car wax also attract ants. Make sure your car wax does not contain attractants that attract ants.

Parking near the anthill should be avoided. It is very likely, of course, that ants will enter the car. If you keep your garage clean and put out the bait, you can be sure the car is parked somewhere safe. The interior should be thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals. Vacuuming and wiping interior surfaces helps remove food particles and debris that may attract ants. It should become a driving habit To clean it at regular intervals. A professional car wash at a car wash costs some money, but this way you can be sure that the car will be professionally cleaned and will remain free of ants.

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