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Driving Report AMG GT 63 SE performance: it’s all about performance

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Plug-in hybrid with 850 hp. Someone must say again that part-time electric cars would be boring. With the AMG GT 63 S Hybrid, this also has its price.

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The AMG 63 GT S E-Performance costs around €22,000 more than the non-hybrid variant.

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Plug-in hybrids are often not “the best of both worlds,” but it’s an unfortunate compromise to meet questionable emissions regulations and make the car eligible for subsidies. AMG is now showing with the performance GT 63 SE that there is another way. “The hardware should be great,” says the AMG engineer. And let’s be clear, he and his colleagues have managed to do just that.

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Partial electrification of this top-of-the-line four-door GT series means an additional 250kg, of which 89kg is for the battery. But a little isn’t possible: “We can actually just save more on the engine,” they say. But perhaps something will happen at some point with batteries, where, as is well known, the great technological leaps always approach.

The interaction between the combustion engine and the electric motor, which is difficult in many hybrids, should be ideally resolved in a car like AMG, as well as the transition from recovery to hydraulic brakes. Both drives must always function as one unit: a severe challenge for software engineers.

High performance battery with special features

The GT 63 SE Performance battery was specifically designed for high performance and was developed by AMG in Affalterbach. A number of special features appeared. 560 cells in 14 units are rinsed directly with a special coolant; Usually the entire units are just cooled. It is cheaper, but not as efficient at spontaneous and sustainable energy delivery and absorption.

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The battery is mounted on a two-speed gearbox on the rear axle and an electric motor. There, the distances are short and the power is transferred directly to the wheel (or a short recovery distance). Like the Porsche in the Taycan, AMG uses two gears for the electric motor so that the electric support is guaranteed up to the maximum speed, which, by the way, is much higher here at 316 km / h. At 140 km / h, the electric motor reaches its maximum speed of 13,500 rpm, after which the higher gear is shifted imperceptibly. Positive side effect of unwanted extra weight actually: The center of gravity shifts four points into the perfect 50:50 distribution.

There is a high-voltage belt trigger that operates gently on the passenger side. It is also used in traffic jams to support the internal network. There is no longer a 12V operating system. By the way, you can drive away completely electric, using only the rear axle, but if needed, the power of the electric motor can also be drawn forward via the transmission clutch for all-wheel drive applications. Sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h takes less than ten seconds in E mode.

2.9 seconds from 0 to 100

Of course, the performance of the GT 63 SE could be better when it comes to the V8 engine. Then after ten seconds the speed is not 100 km/h but is already over 200 km/h. The record sprint to 100 km / h takes only 2.9 seconds. By the way, the range was secondary, according to AMG engineers. Despite this, this car is surprisingly economical: only 7.9 liters of fuel, which is very expensive now, flows through the injectors in the WLTP cycle.

Following this theory, it’s time to sit down in an interior that, although it has E-class components, is at the same time very sporty with elements of the two-door GT. The rotary knob on the steering wheel can be used to choose between Comfort, Individual, Electric, Sport, Sport + and Race modes. In Comfort, the car automatically starts electric and returns to electric mode again and again, even in built-up areas. The correct exhaust sound can only be heard from “Sport +”, but in all programs the driver can enjoy blowing the turbine.

With the system power of 843 hp and up to 900 Nm, you never have to complain about a lack of power and torque. AMG has really succeeded in creating a seamless interaction between the V8 and the electric motor. When driving downhill a little longer and braking for longer, it’s impressive to see how quickly the percentage of battery charge increases. Technology enthusiasts can switch to the corresponding bar graphs in the driver display.

Stadium for Hobby Racing Engineers

The air suspension can handle power and weight roughly 2.4 tons, but is tuned differently to counteract the effects of rolling. With the new dampers, which have external valves, 200 percent greater spread has been achieved, and the rebound and compression phases can now be controlled independently of each other for the first time. Two-thirds of the potential has been invested in providing better comfort, according to customer reviews, but AMG says the car has also become more agile. Incidentally, the GT 63 SE Performance wants to get to know the driver’s driving style and adapt accordingly. Hobby racing engineers can record and evaluate a wide range of data on computers in the home.

At the Monteblanco circuit near Seville, we were able to convince ourselves of the suitability of the racetrack for the new hybrid. Despite its high weight and all-wheel drive system, it stays neutral for a surprisingly long time, and its rear shows little to no when wet. The fact that they can be electrically driven should increase “acceptance from the environment”; We especially like the extra performance. Petrolheads can also make friends with this type of electrician.

With a purchase price of €19,6600, the GT 63 S E-Performance is about €22,000 higher than the non-hybridized GT 63 S’s 639-hp (470 kW) engine, which it certainly beats. The most reasonable alternative is the GT 63 with 585 hp (430 kW), which is €158,163 a respectable distance. And of course there is a much cheaper six-cylinder, while the originally planned diesel never came.

We only had to report one drop of bitterness: it’s a shame the five-hole aerodynamic rims inspired by classic AMG models no longer exist. But this is a matter of taste. While the sporty qualities of this four-door are completely unquestionable.

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