How brief the circuit of the automobile!

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These detailed tips will help you find a car for short circuit. information: It is clearly not legal to use a car hot wire without first Owner’s permission To receive or be the owner. But about an old one find the barn, whose ownership has been clarified, but whose keys are no longer available, could justify a short circuit. In general, there is a great risk in the project, one electric shock To take, to possess. Short-circuiting doesn’t always work either. In new vehicles, many components are installed in hard-to-reach places. Many cars have one too circuit breaker. This circuit breaker automatically turns off the motor and you can no longer start it (not even with a switch). On the other hand, hybrid cars or electric cars can be short-circuited.

1. Short selling method

  • Here, the hood is opened first.
  • Then look for a red coil of wire. It is usually located in the back of V8 engines. In a four-cylinder engine, the ignition coil is installed in the middle of the engine; And in a six-cylinder engine, the ignition coil is often on the left side near the middle of the engine.
  • Then find the square battery (red and black wire).
  • The next step is to pull a separate wire from the positive terminal (not the negative terminal of the battery) to the positive side of the coil or red wire, which in turn goes to the coil. Thus, there is a power to the dashboard. This is an important criterion for starting the engine.
  • Then find the starting relay. Most often it is on the right side of the fender and next to it is the battery. The starting relay can also be found under the steering wheel of the starter from time to time.
  • Is the gear out and the handbrake on? This is important in the case of a normal manual gearbox.
  • Then the steering wheel is opened. To do this, put a flat head screwdriver in the middle of the steering column. The screwdriver is pressed between the steering column and the steering wheel and the lock pin can then be pushed away from the steering wheel. You can use a lot of force here and usually you don’t have to worry. The lock pin does not quickly disengage and no alarm is triggered. The relay can usually be found under it.
  • Then you see the cables. The positive battery terminal and a small cable (above the relay). The two poles of the cables must be connected. This is done using pliers or a screwdriver. You can then start the engine and drive.

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2. Short selling method

  • First the car enters by force if necessary.
  • Any car with an alarm system will of course fire it if the car is forcibly entered if the battery is still fully charged.
  • Then you may have to remove the covers and look under the steering wheel. The covers are usually held in place with Phillips screws or various clips. It should be removed if necessary.
  • Next, it is checked whether there is a wiring harness or clip that allows access to the ignition and ignition cables.
  • Find two identical wires, both of which are usually red. You have to make them naked and then twist them together. One wire connects the car’s electrical circuits (the main power source for the ignition switch) and the other is the car’s electrical circuits. When the key is turned, a connection is established between the two and power is supplied to the respective ignition components. If the starter is then turned on, the motor can start.
  • It is important to remove about one inch of insulation from the wires. Then wrap the cables together tightly and wrap them with insulating tape if possible. They must not come into contact with the metal components of the car, otherwise a short circuit may occur.
  • The ignition cable is often brown and some insulation should be removed here as well. Then touch the two red cables connected to the brown cable.
  • However, the brown cable should not be converted to red cables, they should only come into contact with each other. Then keep trying until ignition occurs.
  • Then the engine should run.

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3. Short selling method

  • You need a cordless screwdriver, a flat screwdriver (insulated handle), and a drill (small).
  • At the end of the keyhole is a flap. Place the drill two-thirds of the way down the keyhole and carefully drill until it is as long as the key. This destroys the tap in the lock and you can open the switch without key turn on or off.
  • It is important to know that each tongue always has two sections and is followed by a spring. It is worth drilling more than once and taking out the drill each time. Then the individual pieces of the lock can fall off.
  • Then you apply the screwdriver as if you were inserting the key. It does not have to be deep, because the tap is already cut off.
  • You can use a screwdriver like a classic wrench and simply turn it.
  • attention: The master key is destroyed in this way and anyone with strong nails or a screwdriver can steal the car in the future!


  • There is a risk of significant damage when connecting the hot wires to the vehicle.
  • The ignition cable must not be wound together when the engine is turned off. Otherwise, the vehicle’s ignition system may burn out or the battery may run out.
  • Vehicle with a computer chip in the ignition switch cannot be shorted (due to the ECM)
  • Importance: Wear insulating gloves!
  • The engine dies instantly if the ignition cable is loosened while driving and then there is no steering, no brakes, and no more driving.
  • All of these tips should not be used illegally to steal a car!

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