Guru from India needs to save lots of the planet together with his bike

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Indian Guru wants to save the planet with his motorbike

Guru Sadhguru rides from UK to India on a 100 day motorbike tour

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All living things need healthy soil. But the Earth is no longer doing well everywhere. And now the well-known Indian guru Sadhguru wants to change that. To do this, he makes a long trip – on a motorcycle.

A famous Indian teacher wants to ride his motorcycle from one country to another for 100 days – to “wake up” people. He wants to ensure a catastrophe is avoided, he says in an interview with dpa. He cares about the health of the planet. The United Nations, which is also fighting against desertification, also draws attention to this topic. According to them, about a third of the world’s land is degraded and valuable nutrients are missing. By 2050, this may be the case for 90% of the world. Now the teacher wants more people to realize this and politicians to act.

Sadhguru, whose real name is Jagadish Vasudev, says it’s also about food safety. Earth is a complex living system. But most of the world’s ministries of agriculture consider soil to be a so-called inert substance that you can simply add a few chemicals to. The teacher points out that fertilizers can not always save. You can just use fertilizer to make live soil work a little better for you.

Guru Sadhguru was also in Germany

Sadhguru traveled all over Europe, including Berlin and Cologne. He appears time and time again with influencers as well. He meets politicians and representatives of the United Nations.

But why would he ride his motorcycle if he’s so committed to sustainability? “This is not environmental protection here, this is a human heart that comes alive around us,” he says. “Should I travel? Would that be better? Should I drive a car? Would that be better? Or do you want me to fly 30,000 kilometers when I’m 65?” He does not accept such criticism and continues: “You should see the weather conditions I’m driving in. What’s it all about? It’s about waking up fools who never get up about anything. I’ve been talking about it for 30 years and people say, ‘Sadhguru, This is awesome, Sadhguru. You are doing a great job and you are going to sleep. “So I thought I’d do something.”

He wants to get people out of their deadlock with his act. He also believes that he can inspire young people in particular with his motorbike and music at his events.

“I want to make sure that we as a generation are not a disaster,” says the teacher. If action is taken now within the next 15 or 20 years, disaster can be averted.

The special thing about its mission is that it doesn’t tackle many problems at once. Then it will be difficult to implement political solutions. According to official figures, Germany has more organic components in the soil than many other countries. However, this ratio is not really good in a temperate climate. The government can offer incentives to farmers to increase organic content, he says.

“Earth is the source of all life you see,” Sadhguru says. But now the land will be plowed deeply and left open. “This is murder on the ground.” At least plants should be planted in between, improving soil quality rather than harvesting it. It was 50 years ago and not anymore.

He does not want to dictate to farmers, who lived and worked on farms, organic farming. The teacher explains, “I never say never use fertilizers and pesticides, this and that, because if you don’t use chemicals now. If you stop now, our food production will be reduced by 25 percent.” “This would be the worst disaster that could happen on this planet.” But if you increase the organic ingredient, you will have to use fewer chemicals in the future.

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